Live Review: Carl Barat & The Jackals (Nottingham)

Date: 02/06/2017

Venue: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

We’ve had the new Jackals EP on for a while now and boy is it something quite special, a mix of new inspirations and old and something entirely different. It adds to Carl Barat’s mesmerising repertoire of songs and is at times an ode to the rest of the band’s unique abilities. Quite frankly, they are going from strength to strength, their Nottingham Rescue Room’s debut epitomised such talent.

We caught the boys two weeks back at their intimate pub gig at Hackney’s Sebright Arms, a sweaty affair mixing a traditional London boozer with a basement venue. It truly was special, one wondered how they would transfer their sound to the bigger stages. However, the jump was clarly effortless. Carl Barat & The Jackals seemed at home on the famous Nottingham stage.

Opening with the anthemic “Victory Gin,” the Jackals swarmed through a set of well loved songs both new and old. “Glory Days” was met with a raucous sing along whereas older songs such as “We Want More” and “The Gears” were entirely relevant and echoed around the large room. It is clear that their debut album ‘Let It Reign’ is already something of a classic, quite frankly a strong mix of influences and sounds which resonate well amongst the Jackals fan base.

BlackWaters opened the night. We struggle to think of such a comparably raucous set, especially considering they came on at 6.30 no less. However, their revitalising punk sound makes them destined for the top. Songs such as “Down” and “Fuck Yeah” are both unique and mesmerising. It is clear they are a future headline band in their own right, and we no doubt can’t wait to see what they have planned in the coming months.


Lock followed on from the London based punk band. They in themselves are entirely unique, cool and effortlessly talented. Their recent release “New York vs Paris” epitomises this, offering shades Lana Del Rey mixed with a perfect hint of electronic effects. Our favourites are “Everlasting Road” and “Click,” they provide the perfect starting point for the new listener and suited the live venue.

Carl Barat & The Jackals’ set was matched with a resounding crowd to match, full of faces both young and old. It is clear that they have an ever growing fan base in their own right – if adoring chanting and sing alongs were anything to go by then it is obvious that their songs have huge meaning amongst fans already. Considering their relevant youthfulness as a band, it is clear that the Jackals have a lot more to offer. We can’t wait to see where their musical journey takes them next.

Latest EP release “Harder They Fall” is already growing into being a cult classic. “Sister,” sung by guitarist Billy Tessio is instantly recognisable. It symbolises a far more grungier side to their sound, perhaps hinting at the heavier influences of the band. “Burning Cars” is also heavy, as is “Cracks.” Their inclusion is entirely welcoming, it is refreshing to see a guitar band embark upon a heavier sound, ultimately making their live set all the more mesmerising.

With further touring planned, it is clear that Carl Barat & The Jackals are important in their own right. With The Libertines taking somewhat of a centre stage, it is the Jackals which provide a welcome escape and a different realm of musical existence. Their Rescue Rooms debut hinted at their excellent musical ability and differentiating sound. Ultimately, Carl Barat & The Jackals have gaged a perfect balance of influences which is evident in their meticulous live set.

Check out the video for “Burning Cars” below:


Check out our gallery from the gig: Gallery: Carl Barat & The Jackals


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