HOYfest: Cardiff’s Remarkable Upcoming Festival

The UK is a plethora of unique music festival, their ever expanding rise makes it arguably the greatest country in the world for catching upcoming talent across a weekend. HOYfest is the perfect example of this. The Cardiff festival is rapidly expanding and features only the most promising of musical talent. This year’s line up on Saturday 30th September 2017 is arguably one of the strongest the city has ever seen.

Running for its second year, the festival brings a cacophony of well known acts to the Gate Arts Centre, a 400 capacity converted Grade II church in the heart of Cardiff. This year sees Pretty Vicious headline, with RedFaces, Himalayas, Vida and more heading to the Welsh capital.

Promoter and festival organiser Sam Hoy clearly has a firm ability to recognise and welcome an entire array of bands destined for the top of festival stages and large venues alike. The Strawberries are another firm example of this, the Leeds formed band have already gained a strong reputation across the country and have a clearly mesmerising Rock’n’Roll sound.

Also featuring across the day include Fossette, Palomino Party, Chroma, The Americas, Misfires and Farebrother with many more bands to be announced between now and the end of September.

We personally recommend you check out RedFaces. Their sound is both confident and energetic, you’d be sure that their HOYfest set will epitomise such adjectives. “Kerosene” is an obvious example of this, with sometimes obvious resemblances to bands such as The Strokes and early Arctic Monkeys  though with an entirely unique twist.

Pretty Vicious also epitomise ferocious rock sounds and strong ability. Tracks such as “Cave Song” and “It’s Always There” sum up their potential and justify the support in which the Welsh band have amassed over the years. HOYfest debuted just last year, and saw The Milk, VANT, Bulletproof Bond and Judas all feature across a two day period.

We cannot recommend HOYfest enough. It is a firm example of unique upcoming bands coming together as one big celebration of the country’s ever growing music scene. With plenty more band to be announced, you’d be sure it’ll be a highlight of a long summer of local musical festivals.

Tickets on sale at £15 via the following link: http://www.seetickets.com/event/hoyfest/the-gate-arts-and-community-centre/1099562

Check out the full line up below:

hoyfest lineup


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Images via HOYfest, by Andrew Wakeham

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