This Feeling Announce Alive Tour 2017

This Feeling are raising their game. With live shows in abundance showcasing the best of the UK’s ever growing music scene and a critically acclaimed music TV show coming to Youtube screens across four episodes, there has been no better time to enter their universally proclaimed ‘zone.’ October sees four of the best upcoming bands travel the length of the country in rapidly enlarging venues. Introducing: the Alive tour.

The Shimmer Band, The Blinders, Bang Bang Romeo and BlackWaters are all rapidly developing, with fan and press support ever-growing on a daily basis. They’re no strangers to Eudaemonia, we’ve seen them all on numerous occasions and have no doubt in each of their musical talents. Here’s a short look into their unique abilities:

The Shimmer Band

The Shimmer Band are otherworldly, their mixing of synths, guitar and anthemic choruses make them destined towards festivals, arenas and beyond. Bearing all the qualities of a burgeoning rock band, it is their on stage charisma which makes their live set both mesmerising and unique. Fresh from a UK tour of their own, the Alive tour will be a chance to see them test the waters in-front of bigger crowds and larger venues alike.

Formed in 2014, the Bristol formed band have gone from strength to strength. Their sound is instantly described as explosive psychedelic rock, something which resonates most strongly in songs such as “Freedom” and “Shoot Me (Baby).” Third single “Sunkick” is entirely resemblant of its title. Most suited (yep you guessed it) to the summer, the song has huge potential and would not sound out of place at festivals and in stadiums alike.

This Feeling’s Alive Tour represents their jump to headlining status, it is clear that 2017 is already representing a year of firsts for the rightfully confident band.  Recent release “What Is Mine?” is arguably their strongest outing to date, and could grow to be a symbol of their pioneering sound. We cannot wait to see what The Shimmer Band have in store for the rest of the year!


The Blinders

The Blinders are exactly what the world needs right now, in times of capitalistic disdain and elitist immorality they truly act as torchbearers for an ever rising youth subculture. Songs such as “ICB Blues” and “Swine” epitomise this, lyrically they are second to none. Such songs mix fast paced guitar and drum to form an adrenaline fuelled trance of sound.

“Ramona Flowers” is at times melodic and teasing, the perfect starting point for new listeners. Its aspects ricochet around the live setting with an aura of confidence, remarkably it is only a B-side. The Blinders are proactive, constantly on the road spreading their sound and message, if anyone deserves to hit the big time it is these guys! Juggling university life alongside being one of the most promising bands in the country must be quite a task.

Other highlights come from debut EP ‘Hidden Horror Dance.’ “Murder at the Ballet” and “You’re So Cold” are promising and unique. However, it is in their live set where the future of their sound resonates best. With many new releases plans, it is clear that the best is yet to come for The Blinders.


Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo are heavenly, think of a mix between The Last Shadow Puppets and Fleetwood Mac with elements of Florence and the Machine and Jefferson Airplane mixed in between. The Sheffield band consisting of Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron, Joel Philips and Richard Gartland are likeable, intriguing and unique – their vast festival commitments this summer is a firm sign of their intent.

Walker’s vocals are effortless and powerful, “Johannesburg” is the perfect starting point for a new listener. A perfect mix of echoey guitar and bass with pacy drum beats makes their most known single something quite mesmerising. It is perfect for the larger venues and stages alike.

Their ever-growing back catalogue of songs provide depth in their ability. Songs such as “Invitation” and “Carnival” create a similar atmosphere. Latest single “Carnival” has the ability to be a true sound of summer, starting mystically it eventually grows into a recognisable, strong and unique chorus pattern. It is arguably their greatest release to date, and with more songs in the pipeline, This Feelings Alive Tour will be a chance to catch the Sheffield band in great form!



BlackWaters themselves have all the qualities of trailblazing a punk revival. Mixing raw sound with expressive vocals, it is clear that the band are onto something quite special. Songs such as “Fuck Yeah” and “Down” epitomise their raucous, raw ability.

There live set is mesmerising, they truly bring the crowd into proceedings with rapid involvement and mesmerising stage presence. Having produced songs with Carl Barat and recently supported The Jackals on a nationwide tour, they are rapidly amassing a strong following, with many assuming they are destined for the main stages. It is clear that BlackWaters are the perfecting opening to what will be a historic tour.


This Feeling’s Alive Tour takes place from October 1-15, ticket info via the following link:


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