RedFaces: “Wise Up”

RedFaces are intriguing and ever relevant, their latest single “Wise Up” has dominated our playlists for weeks. Mixing techno influences with their classic rock sound, it is perhaps one of the most listenable single releases of 2017 so far.

Both catchy, lyrically strong and effortlessly cool, ‘Wise Up” is perhaps RedFaces strongest outing to date. It opens with instantly recognisable guitar riffs in which the band are becoming synonymous for, though interestingly makes use of synth to create a far more dense bass-line and overall atmosphere.

Its chorus is anthemic, repeats of “Wise Up” make it catchy and rhythmic. Guitar and fast paced drum beats clash together to form arguably the ultimate rock n roll tune. Having only released debut single just last year, it is clear that their musical abilities are second to none. It is rare to see a band whom are fated to special things at a relatively early age in their existence.

2016 single “Kerosene” could arguably become the soundtrack to a future uprising, it is dark, tense and insanely atmospheric. One could argue that they mix influential bands such as Kasabian, The Fall and The Strokes, though with all the more confidence and technical ability to match. It is already clear that the Sheffield formed band are ones to watch out for as 2017 grows old.

Having signed to Sony just last year, the Indie/Rock n Roll band have all the right industry connections and an ever growing fan base to match. Formed of Harry Lyon, Ryan Laycock, Isaac White, and Charlie Yapp, the band are youthful, confident and have the image to match. With influences ranging from Blossoms to the mighty Shimmer Band, RedFaces are arguably the complete band with the potential to go all the way.

The Sheffield band are proactive when it comes to touring. 2017 has already seen them perform at festivals including Dot to Dot and Brighton’s world famous Great Escape Festival. With more festival outreach planned for the summer as well as headline gigs of their own, it is clear that RedFaces show no sign of slowing down just yet – one can only hope for a full length UK tour and more releases in the near future!

“Wise Up” is quite frankly one of the best songs you will hear this year. It is rhythmic, catchy and ultimately displays all the sign of a confident and relevant Rock n Roll band!


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