Focus #11: Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan is soulful yet raw and complete at the same time. His voice is not only elegant, but poses the abilities of all the great modern day rock singers. With talent in abundance and strong EP’s to match, we are all the more excited to see what the Bedford born singer-songwriter has in store for the rest of 2017.

Where do we start with Tom Grennan… it is at times hard to put his musical abilities into words for all the right reasons. Mixing acoustic guitar with poignant and relevant lyricism, he displays all the right qualities of a future star. Having been named as part of this year’s BBC Sound of 2017 list, Grennan is rapidly embarking on a journey fated to the top of festival stages and beyond.

Debut EP ‘Something In The Water,’ produced by Charlie Hugall (Florence + The Machine, The Maccabees), was released in 2016 and provides a brilliant starting point for the new listener. Mixing intricate chords and melodies alike, songs such as “Sweet Hallelujah” and title track “Something In The Water” stand out. “Old Songs” provides a firm basis of reflection, it feels both raw and meaningful and highlights the perfect, changing and dulcet tones of the Bedford born singers’ voice.

His future success will be all but assured if his famous fans have anything to do with it. A surprise call from Elton John assured this, it is clear that Grennan is making waves throughout the industry. 2017 has already seen him embark upon a UK tour, numerous television appearances and a legendary set at the taping of the first This Feeling TV episode. September and October see him once more embark upon a nationwide tour featuring larger venues including Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms and London’s KOKO. With exponential growth becoming all the more likely, we are certain that his regular touring commitments will only grow in both regularity and venue size.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.22.34

2016’s collaboration with Chase And Status proved the flexibility of Grennan’s musical abilities. His voice is not only instantly recognisable, but it’s power instantly won the singer-songwriter fans across a hybrid of genres. Arguably giving him a certain level of instant fame, the track has been featured across numerous publications since and in many ways acted as the soundtrack to the previous summer. Mixing well with electronic sounds and heavy beats, one can only assume that another journey into the world of electronic music would be all the more welcome.

With his head turned by a promising music career, it may be surprising to release that Grennan almost embarked upon a life in Football. Having played for Luton Town, Northampton Town, Aston Villa and Stevenage, it was perhaps critical that he turned down the opportunity of Stateside football to focus instead upon a career in music.

Alongside mass touring commitments, 2017 has also seen the release of Tom Grennan’s second EP entitled ‘Release The Breaks.’ Working with working with producers such as Diane Warren and MoZella, the EP represents exponential growth in both sound and lyricism. “Praying” suits all moods, in a sense Grennan is a wonderful lyricist in his own right, at times appearing socially and politically relevant. With the EP best suited to summer, now is more a time than ever to get you’re ears indulged into the wondrous abilities of the upcoming singer-songwriter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 00.10.30

It is clear that the production of two well produced EP’s come in preparation for a debut album. Whilst details are as of yet unconfirmed, we can already imagine its imminence. Quite frankly, its eventual release is certain to be a highlight of any musical year, a true showcase of Grennan’s voice. He has potential in abundance and a confident, pro-active attitude to match – it is quite amazing when you consider that he found his talents after an alcohol fuelled evening in a Bedford High Street pub.

With a summer of festivals planned and even more touring commitments beyond that, there has been no better time to discover Tom Grennan. His unique ability makes him destined for greatness!

Check out the video for “Praying” below:


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