“Control”: BABEPUNCH’s Spectacular Debut

BABEPUNCH are arguably the most active, well loved band in Nottingham’s ever growing music scene right now. Their sound is fresh and at times riotous, as hinted in debut single “Control.”

The teenagers come from Nottingham and Derby, though have honed their talents in the former. Their revivalist punk sound is intriguing and heavy, energetic and raw. “Control” displays all the elements of a classic song and is especially suited to the live setting.

Opening with a distorted yet catchy guitar intro, “Control” has a chorus worth dying for. It is both loud and recognisable and extremely well produced – it is all the more surprising to realise that they still all are in their teens. Quite frankly, we haven’t heard an alt rock band release such a strong debut single in a long, long while!

BABEPUNCH have existed in various forms for many years. Famed for glitter enthused demo releases and regular support and headline slots across Nottingham, they truly are ever present. “Control” represents their first official release, though it is already clear that they have a strong back catalogue of tunes ready for release.

Formed of Molly Godber, Carys Jones, Miles Cooke, Abbie Roberts, Adam Fletcher, Babe Punch take inspirations from many of grunge icons of its past heyday including The Fall, Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Also seeking refuge in the sweet sounds of PJ Harvey and The Beatles, it is clear that they have solid characteristics of their own through both sound and presence.

Officially released on July 7th, “Control” is streaming currently via SoundCloud. The release day also sees them play Nottingham’s JT Soar, a quaint venue, formerly a factory. With more live dates penned in for the future it is already clear that 2017 is set to be fruitful for the band.

“Control” is one of the most impressive debut singles of the year, we cant wait to see what BABEPUNCH have planned next!

Listen to control below, alongside BABEPUNCH’s other releases:

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