5 Must See Acts at Tramlines Festival

Tramlines is a true example of great summer sounds within the cityscape. Sheffield’s favourite music weekend returns this weekend, check out our picks for the inner city festival:

The Libertines

The Libertines are a must on any festival goers line up, their chaotic infusion of punk rock, indie anthems make their live set something like no other. Having reformed once more in 2014 in front of 65,000 fans at London’s Hyde Park, their Tramlines outing is relatively intimate though entirely fun and relevant.
Expect classics such as “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” and “Can’t Stand Me Now” to get an outing alongside mass singalong such as “Time For Heroes” and “Music When The Lights Go Out.” Also expect modern classics such as “Gunga Din” and “Barbarians” taken from 2015 return album Anthems For Doomed Youth.


Described at Glastonbury as THE best punk band to come out of the Manchester region, Cabbage have a sound, political agenda and skill for relevant lyricism like no other. Their recent EP compilation release Young Dumb And Full of… is the perfect starting point for the new listener.

“Uber Capitalist Death Trade” and “Terrorist Synthesizer” are much loved within their ever growing fan base, though their rawest, most raucous sounds come in the form of early releases such as “Indispensable Pencil” and “Kevin.”

Goat Girl

Goat Girl’s live set and recent releases prove that they are going from strength to strength. Unlike many a modern band they sound both different and intriguing. The South East London band sound like a refined but chaotic group, and that is EXACTLY what the world needs right now!

The female band, recently signed to Rough Trade, have a ferocious sound. Debut single release “Country Sleaze” intermingles heavy bass lines and echoey guitar chords. Unique voice is all the more overstated in follow up release “Scum.” Their Sheffield return is set to be something quite spectacular.

Loyle Carner

A spoonerism of his surname, Loyle Carner truly is one of the true great talents within the UK’s upcoming hip hop scene. Soulful, talented and intriguing, his sound is both relevant and relaxing. The Lambeth born artist is onto something special.

Watch out for tunes such as “Damselfly” and “Ain’t Nothing Changed.”

The Big Moon

Formed in 2014, the London four piece have gone from strength to strength recently, their debut album Love In The 4th Dimension was released just last month. They now embark on a summer festival tour in the form of their lives, having already impressed at Glastonbury, Dot to Dot and Radio 1’s Big Weekend earlier in the year.

Stand out tracks include “Cupid” and “Formidable,” both signs of their melodic, interesting musical abilities. With unique lyrics and voice, mixed with guitar and effects alike, it is clear that they will be a stand out highlight of this year’s festival.


Check out the full Tramlines line up below:


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 19.25.52.png


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Image via Tramlines Festival

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