Strange Cages release ‘The Cracks EP’

Brighton trio Strange Cages are both intriguing and anthemic, their sound is upon a constantly evolving trail and only ever going from strength to strength. This is best displayed in latest EP release, The Cracks.

Released in June through the equally amazing Vallance Records, the grungey, energetic sound of their latest release is evident from its opening track. “The Cracks” builds a sound which is sometimes spooky and entirely atmospheric from its opening chord. Creating a strong intensity, it is the songs heavy chorus which is suited well to both studio and the live setting.

Like a modern version of The Cramps with all the delicious entities of an effect-fused, warped sound, Strange Cages’ ever growing back catalogue is evident of their strong potential. Since their inception, the band have gone from strength to strength with 2017 acting somewhat as a vital year for the trio. Taking inspiration from both Queens Of The Stone Age and David Bowie, it is clear that the Brighton formed band have the potential to cause waves of sinister carnage at live shows across the country. Having already gained much media acclaim through previous releases such as Ego Killer EP and debut single “Pony,” their latest EP embarkation is representative of their best releases to date.

“She Sees Through” has a heavy drum beat and makes use of echoey,distorted guitar influences. This fades well into “Catharsis,” a track which is sure to grow upon fans and industry alike through its live outings. Like a fuzzy modern recreation of the Sonic Youth’s greatest era of releases, it is clear that Strange Cages have all the right influences though with their own set of distinctive aims.

The Brighton band have gained support from fans and industry alike, much like many of their local contemporaries. Having spread touring duties around the country, it is clear that their proactive outings are becoming all the more regular. Having supported the likes of Idles and King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard alongside live shows and EP releases of their own, one can only assume that 2017 will see far more regular live dates. With such a ferocious sound, Strange Cages may possibly have one of the most mesmerising live shows in the entirety of the UK’s ever-growing grass root venues scene.

Whilst “Come With Us” presents a softer, more melodic side to their sound, “Leader Of A Cult” is an EP closer like no other. It oozes confidence from start to finish, mixing exuberant guitar riffs with heavy, obvious drum beats. Presenting an aura of self assured elegance, the final track is perhaps the most impressive of the whole EP.

The Cracks is a perfect example of Strange Cages’ mesmerising, atmospheric and at times dangerously addictive sound and musical abilities.

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Image via Inverted World PR and Strange Cages

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