Cabbage Release New Single: “A Network Betrayal” 

Fucking hell, the UK train service is an exemplar of absolute idiocy, the home of all the most complete of jobsworths. Cabbage’s latest single, “A Network Betrayal” sums this up, a true outcry on behalf of all the UK’s train-travelling youth.

Fast paced relevant lyricism mixed with toying guitar riffs sum up the problem. From forgotten railcards to overweight middle aged men being overcome with the most minute amount of power, Cabbage truly express the thoughts of a nation: the UK’s rail network is riddled with absolute jobsworths who enjoy the sound of their own voices too much.

2017 has already been fruitful for the Mossley formed band, with a highlight surely being their Glastonbury Festival outings. Having commenced upon numerous national tours of their own as well as supporting both Blossoms and Kasabian, Cabbage are quite possibly the most active band on the planet right now. Their festival season has proved this, playing to packed out, loving crowds across the country including Glasgow’s TRNSMT festival. With performances at Reading & Leeds, Truck Festival and more planned alongside a UK tour of their own, now is the best time to catch the politically relevant punk rockers.

“A Network Betrayal” features another catchy chorus for which Cabbage are almost famed for and is intense in the live setting. With such fast paced lyricism, something which pens as a hate letter is both likeable and almost positive to the listener.

The track is taken from upcoming EP ‘The Extended Play of Cruelty’. The ‘apocalyptic sprautrock’ band soon head out upon a ‘Healing Brexit Towns’ experiment tour, visiting small venues alongside The Blinders and Queen Zee and the Sasstones – equally two of the best bands in the country right now.

“A Network Betrayal” is just another examples of Cabbage’s relevance to those both young, old and disenfranchised. They are clearly fulfilling the role of spokespeople for an entire generation.


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Image via Cabbage

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