WOWH release new single “Early Hours”

WOWH are sensational, their effortless musical ability is enabling them an ever growing fan base and strong recommendations from press alike. Their latest single “Early Hours” already bares the resemblance of a world famous hit.

Opening with a groovy, echoey bass introduction, WOWH’s latest single is both catchy, fun and groovy. The duo made up of Nick Harrison and Toby Couling mix multi instrumentalist talents with catchy, relevant lyricism to create the perfect funk-pop track.

WOWH are already no strangers to exposure, their sets at Glastonbury Festival 2017 were a large talking point across Worthy Farm campsites, with countless fans flocking to see their set at The Park’s Rabbit Hole. Alongside this, the London based band have already appeared at further UK based festivals including both Citadel and the last ever Secret Garden Party.

Working alongside mix engineer Matt Wiggins, who’s previous roster of work includes Florence & The Machine and Adele, WOWH released debut EP “Pop” just last year. It grows upon first listen and already features songs such as “Right Way” and “Zone” which are destined for the bigger stages. “Girl In Fashion” is yet another mood boosting, feet swinging anthem, tuned to both dance floors and music venues across the country.

However, it is “Early Hours” which poses strong likability and the finest example of WOWH’s releases so far. If the London duo’s fans have anything to do with it, they’ll be hitting the main stages in no time at all!


Check out WOWH at Glastonbury 2017:


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Image via Charlie Barnes of Eudaemonia

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