This Feeling TV Returns!

We’ve been begging for an onslaught of decent music tele for years now. In a time where Jools Holland is out dated and any other wannabe version just doesn’t cut it, the world needs This Feeling TV more than ever.

Presented alongside Red Stripe, the show gives future festival headliners a chance to shine alongside some of the biggest names in music. The second edition features Bang Bang Romeo, the heavenly Yorkshire four piece grace the famous Nambucca stage alongside the rapidly growing Sundara Karma and ever present Rat Boy.

Mixing interview, game-like features and live music, This Feeling TV presented by Red Stripe bears all the features of an instant classic – in many ways it is a game changer. Episode Two features the return of a window throwing, television smashing contest which previously saw Carl Barat rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Debut outing saw Slaves, DMA’s and Tom Grennan head to the famous North London venue in what was one of the most memorable nights of the year so far. It was clear from the outset that This Feeling TV means business. Hosted by Radio X DJ Gordon Smart, it also sees Abby Clancy proclaim her love for Gregg’s, Black Grape talk new music and Luke Pritchard of The Kooks answer fan-entered questions. It truly is a hive of activity jam packed into what seems like a short, but fruitful 20 minutes or so.

This Feeling mastermind Mikey is right, music television is stale. However, the second outing of This Feeling TV only does more to prove this is not the case. With further episodes planned, it is clear that the already popular concept is here to stay.


Watch Episode Two Below:


This Feeling TV will return imminently for Episode 3…

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