Trampolene to release Debut LP: Swansea To Hornsey

No other band encapsulates true spirit like Trampolene do. The Welsh trio are instantly likeable and effortlessly talented. With that, we are extremely excited to learn of the release of debut LP,’Swansea To Hornsey.’

Released on October 27th through Mi7 Records, it follows on from a hive of recent EP releases. Trampolene have a back catalogue like no other, it is clear that their debut album will be an instant success. Recorded at Ray Davies’ Konk Studios, it will feature only the most significant of lead singer Jack Jones’ poignant lyricism.

It features new mixes and old classics including the anthemic “Alcohol Kiss” and “The Gangway.” Recent single “Beautiful Pain” will also feature alongside exceptional poetry such as “Ketamine” and “Pound Land.”

Formed upon an ethic of musical companionship, Trampolene are known for fan involvement. In fact, it is refreshing to see a band as engrossed and well loved as they are by their fans. Jack, Wayne and Rob have a clear, friendly persona both on stage and off which makes them entirely loved. But mostly, it is their music which does the talking. With five previously released EP’s they already have an impressive back catalogue- something entirely expressed in their raucous, impressive live performances.

2017 has already seen a hive of successful festival ventures including slots at Brighton’s Great Escape and the calamitously muddy Y Not Festival. Speaking on the new album, Jack Jones has suggested that “It’s taken me a whole lifetime to write this album, so maybe you can spare me 51 minutes of yours to give it a listen. That’s not even an hour. It’s quicker than an enema, and more fun””

Available on all formats, ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ will be a clear highlight of 2017, the most firm example to date of Trampolene’s ever developing musical talents.
Highlights from Trampolene’s trip to Y Not Festival:


‘Swansea To Hornsey’ full track listing:

•‘Artwork of Youth’

•‘Imagine Something Yesterday’

•‘Alcohol Kiss’

•‘Dreams So Rich, Life So Poor’

•‘The Gangway’


•‘You Do Nothing For Me’

•‘Primrose Hill (5th September)’

•‘The Boy That Life Forgot’

•‘Beautiful Pain’

•‘Already Older Than I Dreamed I’d Be’

•‘Blue Balls And A Broken Heart’

•‘Storm Heaven’

•‘Pound Land’


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Image via Simon Sarin

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