Liam Gallagher releases anthemic “For What It’s Worth”

Over two decades since headlining Knebworth as part of Oasis, Liam Gallagher is still arguably the most relevant rockstar on the planet. His latest single “For What It’s Worth” is quite possibly his strongest release in many years.

2017 has marked the return of Liam Gallagher. For a man who once said he would never embark upon a solo career, it is obvious that early outings have proven to be fruitful. The release of “Wall Of Glass” marked the Manchester born front-mans return with small scale gigs occurring in Manchester and London in response to the Manchester attacks. With festival performances becoming all the more regular, it is clear that the return of the rock and roll icon is already in full flow.

“For What It’s Worth” is far slower than previous releases, it takes influence from past problems whilst also hinting at personal growth and rehabilitation. Gallagher has made no dismissal of his own personal battles which the entered the realm of divorce lawyers and corporate spiel following the breakdown of previous marriage. As always however, it is his music which does the talking. Having now found far more equilibrium in life one can only presume the third coming of Liam Gallagher will be something which his own words would describe as being ‘biblical.’

With further UK tours and releases in the pipeline, now is the best time to catch Liam Gallagher in live action. His live show is explosive, fun and heavenly – the complete antithesis of his brother Noel’s U2 support slots. Liam truly is the voice of Oasis and more importantly, the pioneering frontman who speaks for an entire generation.

“For What It’s Worth” follows the release of previous single “Chinatown.” The latter explores a softer, more spacious side to upcoming album ‘As You Were.’ Opening single “Wall Of Glass” however is anthemic and is suited best to festival sing alongs much like those seen at Glastonbury a month ago. It is already clear that the album will resonate well with diehard Oasis fans, mixing all kinds of sounds, speeds and forms of lyricism.

His latest single is a self quoted “apology” to everyone. Though Liam Gallagher has no reason to be sorry, “For What It’s Worth” is a true masterpiece, the ultimate sing along!


Check out the lyric video for “For What It’s Worth” via Youtube below:


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