Review: Rat Boy – SCUM

Name: ‘SCUM’

Artist: Rat Boy

Rating: ★★★★

After numerous years of exposure, whether it be online or more classic forms of modern media, Rat Boy has certainly developed quite a reputation. Sometimes infamous, it was at times peculiar to see his image slated as a wannabe version of Jamie T. Debut album ‘SCUM’ diffuses this, proving that Rat Boy clearly is a musical genius in his own right.

Real name Jordan Cardy, the Essex born producer/singer/songwriter first broke onto the scene with the anthemic “Sign On” in 2015 and has since gone from strength to strength. His blinding mix of effects, guitar and mature lyricism makes the sound of Rat Boy both intriguing and atmospheric. At just 21, “Scum” is nothing less than a masterpiece, an ode to bedroom producers of years gone by.

Opening with the duo of “TURN ROUND M8” and “REVOLUTION” it’s clear that the album takes a far more politically involved turn than you’d first imagine. The former is funky and danceable whilst “REVOLUTION” is an anthem for a youthful underclass. Sticking up for his contemporaries, Cardy’s lyricism here is second to none. The track becomes anthemic and stands for an entire generation who feel disenfranchised and bored by modern politics. The Essex outfit want to make a change and who can blame them.

Forming his live band through a group of now inseparable friends, Cardy leads a convincing gang of trendy musical scholars. Their live outings are both fun and frantic, you’d have to go a long way to find a better experience than a Rat Boy show. Having played festivals across the country and already embarked upon national tours in large venues the band clearly are going places. It is certain that the debut album is only the start of things to come!

“LAIDBACK” also has the potential to become another fan favourite, think of it as a modern love ballad though entirely more relevant. “MOVE” and “LEFT 4 DEAD” both feature, two tracks which are already classics in their own right amongst the Rat Boy fan base. Having seen release many months ago the two tracks prove that Cardy’s music remains relevant, he isn’t a one time wonder like the notion in which many users of social media seem to latch onto.

Rat Boy recently took part in the taping of the majestic ‘Red Stripe presents This Feeling TV’ and they are firm supporters of the underground music scene in which they themselves arose from. Tracks such as “BOILING POINT” and “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK” take clear inspiration from this and would not seem out of place in the smallest, grungiest of venues. Oppositely, their sound is also suited to the biggest of festival stages as last years outing at the world famous Reading & Leeds Festival proved. “SIGN ON” is by far resemblant of this statement, if they are remembered for one song in particular it will be this.

Rat Boy hold true to their DIY production style whilst elevating it into the larger studio. Don’t believe reputation, it is their debut album “SCUM” which should be used as a form of judgement. Quite frankly, Rat Boy are onto something special!

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Cover art for SCUM by the artist Rat Boy. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the record label or the graphic artist(s). Source: wiki.

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