Live Review: The Cribs

Date: 14/08/2017

Venue: Rough Trade, Nottingham

The Cribs are on course for their highest ever chart position and emotions in the camp couldn’t be happier. Their return to Nottingham was almost celebratory and a memorable night for the tiny gathered crowd.

The venue was both small and intimate, in fact we cant remember ever seeing the famous Wakefield trio on such a small stage. Arriving for an early 7.30 start time, the band opened with “Rainbow Ridge” and “Partisan.” The duo of tunes taken from the new album were comparatively heavy especially in contrast to their previous outing ‘For All My Sisters.’

Whilst the latter explored more pop inspirations, their latest album ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ is far more grunge fuelled with their iconic, natural twist upon proceedings. It is a firm example of the diversity in The Cribs’ back catalogue, we’re sure than not many other bands can switch between sounds with such ease and still remain as loved and relevant as ever within their adoring fan base.

We don’t envy having to split seven albums of songs into a 40 minute or so set. “Different Angle” and the iconic “I’m A Realist” managed to get an outing much to the joy of the now euphoric crowd. Songs from their new album are still yet to grow into true fan favourites and the opportunity for word to word sing alongs were all to tempting for the Nottingham crowd.

One of the musical highlights from ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ is “What Have You Done For Me?” It is already a stand out sing along anthem and clearly seems both meaningful and lyrically connected. “Broken Arrow” was also elected for the live show though both Ryan and Gary Jarman admitted beforehand that their ability to play it life was questionable. However, it is clear that the new track has the ability to become a perfect set closure and in many ways coming as a sequel to the now legendary “Pink Snow.”

“The Cribs’ latest album ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ stands strong alongside legendary tracks of their past”

The electricity within the band is sensational, the brothers are constantly well practised and the obvious and expected chemistry between the three is at times unrivalled. Whether it be learning about their guitar playing abilities or their urge to continue the Nirvana/Guns & Roses rivalry by ousting Slash’s milk at Lollapalooza, it’s clear that every Cribs gig has a surprise for everyone.

It was the old (now very old) tunes which stole the show. “Direction,” from their first album got a rare live outing, with their huge back catalogue of tracks it is clear that The Cribs have limitless options to take up such a slot in their setlist. “Men’s Needs” however, is far less that a rarity. It is entirely iconic and clearly still means a lot to their loving fan base and is a song which will remain relevant for an eternity.

The Cribs never fail to disappoint and as the signing which followed proved, they are also the nicest band on the planet. Ever relevant and extremely talented, the fact that their latest album ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ stands strong alongside legendary tracks of their past is truly a blessing. We don’t know where we would be without The Cribs, they really are national icons in their own right!


Check out the video for “Rainbow Ridge” below, ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ is out now:


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Image via Charlie Barnes of Eudaemonia

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