This Feeling Announce More London Dates

This Feeling are the pinnacle of all music promotions, the effort they go to for the smaller band is second to none. Having supported many once upcoming bands in the past including Cabbage and Blossoms, September sees numerous new outfits head to the capital to the famous zone. 

Here are the details in full:

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September 2nd: Water Rats, London

The Water Rats is a famous London hang out, most noted for allowing Oasis their capital city debut over two decades ago. With Avalanche Party taking the headline slot, you can expect a mixture of frantic guitar based sounds with warped distortion in the most dreamey of ways. With Metro describing them as a mix between The Stooges and Fat White Family, it’s clear that they have mass talent and a strong appeal.

Whilst “Solid Gold” gives a good representation of their immense sound, “I’m So Wet” is perhaps best representative of their current positioning. Both confident and a touch slower than usual, their latest single is especially atmospheric and best suited to the small setting. With The Alibi also featuring alongside other yet to be announced names, it’s clear that the night is already set to be a memorable one.



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September 9th: Nambucca, London

5 sensational bands, all in one night, for six quid – what more can you want? With Dirty Orange and Kid Luna providing the perfect opening to the night, focus will lend itself to The Americas who’s reputation is constantly growing across the capital and beyond. The band are effortlessly cool and have every right to be confident. “Hot Minute” is by far a stand out, both groovy and melodic it instantly has all the elements of being a classic.

Sheafs have been firm favourites of This Feeling for a while now, their effect heavy sound is absorbing and constantly leaves the listener begging for more. It would be easy and perhaps lazy to compare their latest single “Nobody’s Watching” to Arctic Monkeys’ Brianstrom though in truth it is far more than that. With Himalayas topping the bill and rightfully so, the night is a true showcase of new musical talent – something in which This Feeling are world leaders at offering!



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September 20th: The Wholls @ Water Rats, London

The Wholls have been firm favourites of ours throughout this year’s festival season, their inclusion in the Jack Rocks 7 process all but confirms this. Having played to fans across the country and beyond, including a residency in Berlin, their sound is rapidly growing and their name is expanding on a daily basis. The release of their debut, self titled album couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Take Jimi” and “X21” provide the perfect starting point for the new listener. They both represent the well produced, bass heavy sound in which the Bedford formed band are most known for. They are confident and raw and incredibly suited to the live setting, whether it be small or large. You’d be a fool to miss seeing The Wholls live in what is surely set to be their final tour of small venues before they inevitably make it huge!



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September 21st: Trampolene @ 229 The Venue, London

Ah Trampolene, arguably the loveliest band in the world. Their sound is impressive and their live show is ferocious, intense and arguably the most fun you’ll have all year. With the sensationally talented Calva Louise, and Breed and False Heads making up the rest of the lineup the night is already looking dangerously strong.

However, it is Trampolene who deservedly headline in what will be one of their most anticipated London gig to date. Expect a mixture of strong guitar based anthems and impressive, meaningful poetry including “Ketamine” and “Poundland.” With their debut album just around the corner now is the best time to catch the Swansea formed trio in the live setting!



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September 23rd: Water Rats, London

Shambolics are one of Scotland’s best upcoming bands. The Kirkcaldy outfit have an impressively mature sound which is unique in its own right. “Scarlett Harlett” is the perfect example of this, it is both fast paced, uplifting and catchy. Their latest single “Love Collides” has a Johnny Marr like opening guitar riff and strong lyricism to match.

With their touring commitments ever growing, 2017 has acted as somewhat of a breakthrough year for the band with ventures down south becoming all the more regular. Support comes from The Cosmics who’s infectious, fast paced sound is entirely suited to the legendary setting. More support bands are to be announced shortly.



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