We Are Manchester: Noel Gallagher To Reopen Manchester Arena

A cacophony of Manchester music legends have been announced to reopen the city’s Arena this September following the horrific attacks which shocked the country earlier this year.

Headlined by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, the 9th September concert will mark the reopening of the well loved, famous venue. It has been closed since a bomb attack occurred at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22nd, leaving 22 people dead.

““Don’t Look Back In Anger” has been taken as the unofficial anthem of the city”

Also joining the bill are The Courteeners, Blossoms and poet Tony Walsh. Tickets cost between £25 to £30 and will be on-sale from Thursday 17 August.

It is guaranteed to be a true celebration of the city and no one is in a better position to lead this than Noel Gallagher. “Don’t Look Back In Anger” has been taken as the unofficial anthem of the city once more following the attack as it promotes peace and solidarity, something which has been unanimous in Manchester throughout the summer.

The re-opening of the arena continues its legacy, ‘the show must go on’ as they say. Whilst the events will not be forgotten, Mancunian music will continue in ernest to promote true qualities of life and a message of solidarity and togetherness.

All proceeds will contribute towards the Manchester fund which opened following the attacks. It will help to create a permanent memorial for victims and families.

Ticket Details: http://www.manchester-arena.com/events/we-are-manchester/6069/


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Image via Charlie Barnes of Eudaemonia

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