Album Review: The Cribs – 24/7 Rockstar Shit

Name: ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’

Artist: The Cribs

Rating: ★★★★★

The Cribs are timeless, we can’t think of another modern band as consistent as they are. Whilst remaining true to themselves and their fan base, it is clear that this is a band devoid of corporate spiel, mass management and major labels. To put it simply, The Cribs are in a league of their own as exemplified through seventh album ’24/7 Rock Star Shit.’

Opening with “Give Good Time,” it is clear from the outset that the Wakefield trio explore a different side to their sound once more. Given that this is something they are famous for this comes as no surprise. In fact, each of their records offers something entirely different, a true ode to their insane and unrivalled musical talents. As album openers go the track could truly grow into being a classic.

It was “Year Of Hate” which launched their record campaign earlier in the year, being offered to true fans who were willing to queue at independent record shops from the early hours. This only does well to represent the band’s spirit of independence. Limited to a relatively small pressing, each record is customised and is already seen to be an exclusive collectors item. The track is ‘out there’ and offers on insight into the band’s grunge inspirations. They have never understated their love for bands such as Nirvana and so such a diverse, heavy record should come as no surprise to the listener.

Whilst “In Your Palace” and “Dendrophobia” continue to explore their immersive sound which in many ways resonates well with fans of their debut, self titled album, “What Have You Done For Me?” stands out as one of the strongest, most impressive tracks on the new album. It is melodic and meaningful and in many ways tells the story of their existence. Its meaning can be replicated for all emotions, we are sure that it will be one of the most long lasting of Cribs tracks and grow into being a true fan favourite, a must for any live setlist.

“The Cribs are timeless, we can’t think of another modern band as consistent as they are.”

Having released their debut album in 2004, the band have toured and produced extensively. From recruiting Johnny Marr for ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ and producing one of the greatest indie tracks of them all in “Men’s Needs” they have truly achieved everything. They have critical success and a fan base to match and having achieved the NME Award for an ‘Outstanding Contribution To Music’ they clearly have every right to see themselves as a complete success. However, they remain true to their roots and are arguably the nicest band in music. With ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ being produced in five days alongside Steve Albini, they dedicate it to all new musicians and bands who wish to make a stand and infiltrate the drab, mass produced unoriginality which dominates modern chart music in the modern age.

“Rainbow Ridge” was trailed extensively as a single before the album’s release, its video tracks back to the consistent DIY nature of the band. With no press or extensive promo like many of their contemporaries it is all the more impressive that the Wakefield trio are on course for a top 10 chart finish. They constantly grow as a band, even still in the live setting with recent ventures taking them to large festivals and arena shows alongside special celebrations such as last summer’s Millennium Square show in Leeds City centre.

“Partisan” is another which has potential to become a live favourite. However, it is “Broken Arrow” which resonates best and quite frankly is the perfect album closure. Probably the natural successor to fan favourite “Pink Snow,” it in many ways comes as a follow up to the classic taken from ‘For All My Sisters.’ With a dreamey guitar solo, heavenly lyrics and an iconic closure to match, “Broken Arrow” represents The Cribs at their finest!

It is rare to see a band remain true to themselves like The Cribs. They are true rock stars and will never, ever sell out. Whilst changing their sound, each album is as consistent as the other. Quite frankly, The Cribs are national treasures and should be regarded as rock and roll royalty.


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Cover art for 24/7 Rockstar Shit by The Cribs. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the record label or the graphic artist(s). Source: wiki.

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