The Blinders Announce 2018 UK Tour

Since their previous headline tour came to a close earlier this year The Blinders have enjoyed rapid growth and immense success. Resultantly, they announce their largest headline tour to date spanning through most of February 2018. This is one you CANNOT miss!

To many, The Blinders are torchbearers for modern political punk rock music. Their impressive touring schedule is constantly evolving, having spent much of the year supporting the likes of Cabbage or performing festivals as part of the Jack Rocks 7/ This Feeling set-up.

It is perhaps best to start with “Swine,” their impressive breakthrough single which has been featured on radio, television shows and live venues across the country. It gives an insight into their impressive sound which is constantly evolving and developing.

“The Blinders are one of the most important upcoming bands in the entire country. You CANNOT miss this tour!”

“Brave New World,” their latest single, epitomises their unique ability and is lyrically relevant. In fact, The Blinders are by far the most likely band to lead a revolution. They truly do mean business! taking aim at Donald Trump, who is known as the idiot king, the single impressively mixes their roots and inspirations. It is one for the live setting and deserves even more recognition.

2017 has seen The Blinders build upon the success of the previous year, in fact, they are on the verge of something special. 2018 is their year, they are only destined for the top. You’d be a fool if you missed out on this tour!

Tickets on sale from Friday 1st September via

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Check out the video for “Brave New World” below:

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Image via The Blinders/ Caffy St Luce

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