The Jacques & Sisteray Announce Paris Gig

In a match made in Eudaemonia heaven, The Jacques and Sisteray are both heading to Paris on September 28th in what will be a famous gig held at Espace B. It is a true British musical invasion of the Parisian outskirts. 

Here’s an insight into the two great bands:

The Jacques:

The Jacques have found solace in a once new, now long term line up and newfound sound. Gone are the days of their pop/rock phase which has instead been replaced by a menacing, raw and intriguing new style of sound. The Bristol formed but London based band are constantly evolving and growing, this is reflected in their newfound popularity in the French capital and beyond.

Newfound diversity is found in latest single “No Kamikaze” which is both intriguing and thoughtful. It mixes distorted guitar chords, impressive riffs and lyricism like no other. Strong in both voice and chorus, it is perhaps one of their greatest tracks to date.

Their trips to France are becoming all the more regular, their latest was at the world famous Rock En Seine Festival. Older songs such as “Weekends” and “Painkiller” still remain fan favourites in the live setting, though the future release of newer tracks is what most excites fans and media alike. We can only hope for a UK tour in the near future, quite clearly Paris is in for a treat!

Check out the video for “No Kamikaze” below:


Sisteray are a musical enigma, their energy and desire to perform is second to none. This effort has given them a strong following in London which is ever growing throughout the rest of the country. Their punk sound suits Paris nicely and given their regular returns they already have a strong following in the French capital.

Songs such as “Queen’s English” taken from latest EP ’15 Minutes’ epitomise their talents. Lyrically they are second to none and entirely relevant, a microphone for the working class and those isolated through London’s gentrification. “Nostalgia Trip” is another catchy tune mixing strong baselines and guitar riffs in which they are famous for.

The Sisteray live set is impressive, constantly famed for crowd involvement and mass singalong. Tracks like “A Wise Man Said” resonate best. Like The Jacques, they are a band not to be missed!

Check out the video for “Queen’s English” below:


The Jacques and Sisteray head to Paris on September 28th. Ticket Link:

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 14.47.34.png



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