Why Nottingham Should Become European Capital Of Culture 2023

Nottingham is a hotbed of culture, musically and artistically it is at times second to none. With massive investment, improvement and a world renowned DIY status within its creative communities, the city is bidding to become European Capital Of Culture in 2023. 

Having spent my university years in the famous city I can only endorse such a bid. It is the perfect place for city dwellers both young and old for a whole host of reasons which I will now explore.

DIY Music Venues:

Nottingham is famous for a whole host of venues which support the upcoming band, two of our favourites include JT Soar and the Chameleon Arts Cafe. They both invest and harbour new talent giving promoters and bands the opportunity to host gigs at a grass-root level.

Some of the greatest bands in the country have played such venues which also include The Maze and many of the cities numerous arts cafes, often coming together as one for events such as the Hockley Hustle.

If you are a promoter, in a small band or just wishing to check out new music we can only suggest skipping the big venues and instead checking out what the more unique and homely venues have to offer.

Oldest Pub:

The Bell Inn, Salutation Inn and Trip To Jerusalem all claim to be the oldest pub in the land. Whilst evidence for this remains limited, it does strengthen the cities claim for having one of the most thriving pub scenes in the land.

Theres something for everyone, arty bars, music orientated pubs and a traditional old English boozer. Nottingham also has one of the cheapest pints in the country – a whole world away from that of London.

Park Spaces:

Nottingham’s Parks are nothing other than beautiful. Our favourite comes in the form of Wollaton Park, home to beautiful gardens, a golf course and a vast array of wildlife including its very own deer park. Just 10 minutes from the city centre by bus it is an entire world away from hustling urban life.

The park even hosts a festival in the summer and quite frankly should be regularly considered to host the revolving BBC Radio 1’s big weekend. Beyond Wollaton, the grounds of Nottingham University and Trent River banks and it’s flourishing canal system are all perfect summer (and winter) hang outs.

Student Life:

There are very few better student cities than Nottingham. With a large quantity of its term time population made up of students the East Midland City has an ever changing quantity of cultural events aimed at improving student satisfaction.

This makes the cities club scene even more rewarding and fun with a wide variety of nights on offer from Baywatch themed singalong at Ocean to bizarre karaoke sessions at Rescue Rooms.

Art Cafes:

Nottingham has an art scene like no other with its contemporary gallery leading the way. However,  its the local, small art cafe scene which do so well to introduce a sense of community. Hangouts such as Rough Trade and Lee Rosie’s amongst many others create the perfect setting to create, produce and share art and creativity.


Nottingham has confirmed that it is looking to bid for European Capital of Culture 2023, Eudaemonia endorses such a bid.


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Image via Charlie Barnes of Eudaemonia

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