“Games”: Revolutionary New Single From The Velvet Hands

They’re being touted as The Rolling Stokes mixed with The Strokes though in many ways The Velvet Hands are entirely unique. Their DIY ethos is spectacular, this is hinted massively in latest single “Games.”

Released September 22nd via Easy Action Records, “Games” is intriguing and massively ambitious. Fast paced, guitar heavy and lyrically catchy the single manages to encapsulate all the hallmarks of The Velvet Hands’ wonderful sound. It’s riffs are mesmerising, at times you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for The Rolling Stones at their peak – they really are that good!

Having already been named as This Feeling/ Gigslutz’s track of the day the single is already growing into a fan favourite. Taken from the album “The Party’s Over” due for release Spring 2018, it does well to encapsulate the spirit of youth and is entirely carefree – the perfect soundtrack to any raucous London night out.

Having already received critical acclaim from names such as This Feeling, Steve Lamacq, BBC Introducing and BBC London, The Velvet Hands have come a long way since the release of debut, breakthrough single “Habit” in 2016. Numerous releases later, “Games” is perhaps their strongest release to date. Having organically grown since their debut outings The Velvet Hands are at a point of mass explosion, we can’t wait to see what 2017 and beyond has in store for them.

“you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for The Rolling Stones at their peak – they really are that good!”

Formed of Toby Mitchell, Dan Able, Sam Hilder and Louis Willbourne, the band are effortless cool and have confidence to match. They wouldn’t seem out of place on Carnaby Street in the 60s nor the hustling realms of early 00s Camden. This summer has seen them play huge festivals such as Boardmasters and featured on Made In Chelsea, the notorious TV programme. Their touring throughout the Cornwall area is strong and no doubt the rest of the year will see the band delve further across the country.

The Velvet Hands are intriguing and have a youthful ability to speak for an entire generation. “Games” is perhaps their best release today, both confident and entirely rock n roll!

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