The Rolling Stones To Play Knebworth In 2018?

As understood by Music Week, AEG Presents is planning to launch a large scale new music festival at Knebworth Park in Summer 2018.

Traditionally, the largest UK summer festival takes place at Glastonbury, Pilton. The hallowed Worthy Farm event is iconic, the largest of its kind in the country and the most reputable in the entire world. Nothing will ever come close, though every full cycle leads to a fallow year in order to restore and repair the farm’s integrity. Whilst it is necessary, it leaves every five summers or so desolate and empty. This is where AEG plan to plug the gap.

Knebworth Park is the ideal setting for a large festival event, it holds upwards of 125,000 people and it is historically hallowed turf in many ways. Oasis’ concerts here were iconic and it has seen a whole host of world leading names such as Pink Floyd, Robbie Williams and more feature upon its stage.

How do The Rolling Stones come into this? Their No Filter tour kicks off this month and heads to Europe’s largest venues. Despite this, a UK date has been clearly and frustratingly omitted. In Fact, the band themselves have stated that no large venue was able to accommodate them. Knebworth Park does not have this problem, in fact it is most suited to arguably THE biggest touring band in history.

“Knebworth Park is the ideal setting for a large festival event”

AEG have a strong connection with the band, one would imagine they would be in firm contention to feature in the as yet to be confirmed festival. In fact, The Rolling Stones are no strangers to Knebworth having played there in 1976 as shown in the cover image.

Should such a festival occur it would provide the perfect replacement to Glastonbury. Attracting bands such as the Stones would only allow it to become an industry leader.


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Image by Richard Humphrey [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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