Focus #12: Bang Bang Romeo

A band who have been firm favourites of ours for a good few years now, Bang Bang Romeo really do mean business. Effortlessly likeable and astronomically talented, 2017 comes as a true breakthrough year for the Doncaster formed band. With an album in the pipeline and an eternity of touring under their belt they are headed for eternal greatness.

Ever since their formation, Bang Bang Romeo have had an unparalleled attitude to touring and releases alike, they have a musical presence like no other. This has been obvious since the start, debut single “Johannesburg” was an immediate indicator of their talents. A mix of Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane and The Last Shadow Puppets, the 2015 single is melodic, atmospheric and powerful. Immediately, everyone was talking about Bang Bang Romeo.

“Invitation” followed. Its sound is heavier, more dense and at times dark. Best suited to the live setting it has the ability to mesmerise crowds into a state of frenzy. Heavy guitar chords, echoey and effects and a bass line to die for it was at this point their most immersive release to date and caught the eyes of many industry leaders including This Feeling. The latter’s relentless support of the band has played a key role in their rise, in many ways the band and promoter came together in a match made in heaven.

Previous summers have been dedicated to relentless festival outings, calm summer evenings in which their sound is well suited to. In fact, it is such festival appearances which the band are famed for and in which a huge proportion of their ever growing fan base has been formed. This year saw the band make up part of the Jack Rocks 7 programme which saw them headed to world famous events such as TRNSMT (filling in for the infamous T In The Park Festival) Reading and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. With an ever growing back catalogue you can be sure that the Yorkshire band constantly provide an intriguing, reliable live set.

“Immediately, everyone was talking about Bang Bang Romeo.”

Formed of Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland, Bang Bang Romeo have limitless potential. Huw Stephens describes them as a ‘Tarantino Soundtrack,’ Gordon Smart proudly promotes them on his Radio X show, it is clear that Bang Bang Romeo have an immense amount of industry support to match their loving fan base. Clearly, there is pressure on them to grow all the way to festival main stages and large venues alike though they have confidence to match such a billing – it’s just a matter of time.

Mid 2017 saw the release of “Chemical” which in many ways is emotive and their closest encounter with the theme of love. Opening with a soft, meaningful opening verse its chorus is the best example of Walker’s impressive vocal ability. She is cool as fuck and has perhaps the best leading voice in underground modern rock music, the perfect front-woman. “Chemical” is as good live as it is in on record, it goes down as one of THE anthems of the summer. We promise you will be blown away by Bang Bang Romeo’s live set!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.01.48.png

The rest of 2017 sees the Doncaster band head on tour alongside The Shimmer Band and BlackWaters as part of This Feelings influential alive tour. You won’t find three better bands in fact, we’re sure that you won’t find these bands in such intimate venues again. They are all destined for ‘bigness,’ none more so than Bang Bang Romeo. The tour encapsulates most of the country from Cardiff to Nottingham, Glasgow to Brighton, Manchester to London. Every date will be memorable though our eyes are firmly fixed on Camden’s Electric Ballroom, the largest coming together yet under the ‘This Feeling’ banner.

“Quite frankly, Bang Bang Romeo have the potential to make an entire genre their own!”

Latest single “Natural Born Astronaut” is a game changer, in many ways representing their diversity in sound. We first described it as Lady Gaga meets David Bowie on a space bound rocket ship, though in many ways it is better than that (big statement indeed!) Opening with the most dreamy of guitar riffs, it is THE most impactful release of Bang Bang Romeo’s and infuses a state of mesmerisation. It should be the soundtrack to a lifetime let alone a night, “Natural Born Astronaut” is quite possibly THE single of the year, we can’t explain how important this one is gonna be!

Bang Bang Romeo are destined to only greatness, they are on top of their game and only getting stronger. With their ‘This Feeling Alive’ tour rapidly growing closer, further live commitments ever increasing and a debut album in the pipeline, one can only assume that the next 12 months will be the making of the Doncaster band. Quite frankly, Bang Bang Romeo have the potential to make an entire genre their own!

Check out Bang Bang Romeo’s ‘This Feeling Alive’ tour dates below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.07.32.png


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