This Feeling ‘Alive’ Tour: A Musical Revolution

This week marks the beginning of This Feeling’s ‘Alive’ tour, a unique nationwide celebration featuring some of the country’s best new bands. With The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo and BlackWaters taking centre stage alongside very special guests unique to each location, it is clear that This Feeling are a musical enigma worth noticing. This is a REVOLUTION!

Here’s our insight into Bang Bang Romeo, BlackWaters and The Shimmer Band, three of the most intriguing bands in the country whom will travel across the country for each ‘Alive Tour’ gig:

The Shimmer Band

Think Kasabian with a more confident, technologic and impressive sound. The Shimmer Band really have been making waves throughout the industry this year, their fan base is ever growing and every release seems to bring more demand for the Bristol band.

Their recent and most impressive release to date came in the form of “What Is Mine?” It is anthemic and builds excitement through its deep bass line and obvious use of guitar. “Sunkick” and “Freedom” are already growing into instant classics suited perfectly to the live setting.


Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo are important and have the potential to go all the way, their massive sounds is quite simply phenomenal. The perfect starting point is latest single “Natural Born Astronaut,” we first described it as Lady Gaga meets David Bowie on a space bound rocket ship, though in many ways it is better than that. Opening with the most dreamy of guitar riffs, it is THE most impactful release of theirs and infuses a state of mesmerisation.

“Invitation” also creates a beautiful, atmospheric response from crowds across the country. As does “Chemical” which is arguably their closest flirtation with the theme of love. Bang Bang Romeo have an effortless musical and vocal ability, something best experienced in the live setting.



BlackWaters themselves have all the qualities of trailblazing a punk revival. Mixing raw sound with expressive vocals, it is clear that the band are onto something quite special. Songs such as “Fuck Yeah” and “Down” epitomise their raucous, raw ability.

There live set is mesmerising, they truly bring the crowd into proceedings with rapid involvement and mesmerising stage presence. Having produced songs with Carl Barat and recently supported The Jackals on a nationwide tour, they are rapidly amassing a strong following, with many assuming they are destined for the main stages. It is clear that BlackWaters are the perfecting opening to what will be a historic tour.


The nights each have a sense of uniqueness with the opening slot falling to different, local bands from across the country. Their sounds are all different and impressive, ranging from Sheafs and Paves to The Assist and Vida. It is a geographical map of immense talent, twelve of the best new bands about!

Venues keep getting bigger too, London’s Electric Ballroom date is arguably the biggest This Feeling night in history. Historic venues such as Bristol’s Thekla and Brighton’s Concord 2 are also included alongside a cacophony of local hotspots famed for musical diversity.

We all know that This Feeling bring out the best in all that musical promotion should be, their reputation is second to none. But why the ‘Alive’ tour? Why now? Noel Gallagher encapsulates the mood perfectly: “We are living in a world where guitar music has been marginalised, so what This Feeling is doing at the moment is vital.” It is time for a revolution and This Feeling are leading it.

The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo,BlackWaters plus these special guests will play This Feelings ‘Alive’ tour:

Oct 1: Bristol w/ YVES

Oct 2: Cardiff Glee Club w/ Chapel Row

Oct 3: Birmingham o2 institute w/ The Assist

Oct 5: York Fibbers w/ SHEAFS

Oct 6: Glasgow o2 ABC2 w/ Vida

Oct 8: Manchester Academy 2 w/ Proletariat

Oct 9: Leeds Wardrobe w/ The Strawberries

Oct 10: Hull The Welly w/ Mint

Oct 11: Nottingham Glee Club w/ The Ruffs

Oct 13: Sheffield Plug w/ Liberty Ship

Oct 14: London Electric Ballroom w/ Paves

Oct 15: Brighton Concorde 2 w/ SONS




Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.07.32


Check back soon for our ‘special guests’ feature!

Images via This Feeling


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