The Shimmer Band Mesmerise Again With “YA YA (UH OH)”

Released via Komplex Recordings, The Shimmer Band have dropped their latest single “YA YA (UH OH).” Quite frankly, it is MASSIVE!

Following its initial outing through Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 show, the single dropped almost instantly to already euphoric response. Dreamy guitar chords, effortless use of effects and a now iconic voice mix to create an intrinsically beautiful track. It is clearly something quite special, a favourite for the live setting and beyond.

Having already had a formative 2017 experience, The Shimmer Band are set to close the year in style with their headline appearance on This Feeling’s Alive Tour. Featuring alongside Bang Bang Romeo, BlackWaters and twelve other upcoming bands, the tour will encapsulate most of the UK and is a strong celebration of new music from across the country.

Additionally, the previous few weeks have been fruitful for the Bristol formed band. Their appearance of This Feeling TV w/ Red Stripe is nothing short of impressive. Featuring alongside Declan McKenna and The Amazons, the Nambucca based Youtube show is set to hit the small screens in the coming days. Subscribe to This Feeling TV on Youtube to catch up on all the details.

Formed in 2014, the Bristol based band have gone from strength to strength and their latest single release merely amplifies this. Their sound is instantly described as explosive psychedelic rock, something which resonates most strongly in the live setting. They are already famous for hits such as “Sunkick” and “Freedom.” Clearly, The Shimmer Band are destined for the top, they have limitless potential.

“YA YA (UH OH)” represents perhaps the best aspect of The Shimmer Band’s sound, impressive and entirely mesmerising. 2017 has been there year, we already cant wait to see what the next 52 months has in store.

Stream the new single here:

The Shimmer Band head out on This Feeling’s Alive tour alongside Bang Bang Romeo and BlackWaters:


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.07.32


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Image via The Shimmer Band & Caffy St Luce

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