Eudaemonia Live #1- Interview: Lighthouse

From its inception Eudaemonia has had an aim of bringing upcoming new bands and music into limelight. The necessity for a live gig has always been in the forefront of our minds. With this comes Eudaemonia Live, Nottingham’s newest celebration of some of the best new bands the city and beyond has to offer!

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Here’s our interview with Lighthouse, one of London’s most impressive new bands who will play Eudaemonia Live #1 at Nottingham’s Maze on 12.10.2017:

We’ve followed Lighthouse for a while now, how has 2017 been for you guys?

2017 has been a jam packed year for us, and definitely the best we’ve had as a band. Gigs, festivals, recording, the lot!

Your last single release was sensational, we love “Brown Bottle Flu” – what was it like to record?

We recorded it with Rory Atwell (Palma Violets, The Vaccines) at Lightship95 in Docklands in London. Was an seaworthy experience that’s for sure!

What can we expect from a Lighthouse gig? Do you have any surprises in store?

We’ll be debuting a few new tunes, but expect the straight up Lighthouse treatment from the offset!

Have you played Nottingham before? If not, are you excited to make your debut at Eudaemonia live?

Never! We’ve been excited for this one for ages now!

If you could pick five songs to soundtrack a night out, what would they be?

I Wanna Be Adored – The Stone Roses

Born Slippy – Underworld

One Step Beyond – Madness

Fit But You Know It – The Streets

Supersonic – Oasis

Finally, can you describe your sound in three words?

Made in Woodford

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 15.52.30


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“Brown Bottle Flu / Loaded” is available to purchase via

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