Interview: The Shimmer Band

This Feeling’s ‘Alive’ tour has been nothing short of biblical, a turning point which proves that an underground scene is soon to shatter the glass ceiling. It is only a matter of time!

We caught up with Tom Newman from The Shimmer Band before their headline set at Nottingham’s Glee Club. The Bristol formed band have been one of our favourites for a while now, their sound is positive and infectious. Their mesmerising talents mean they are destined to the top. Check out our words below:

Eudaemonia: I think there’s only 4 dates left or so now, but how has the This Feeling ‘Alive’ Tour been for you guys?

Tom Newman : It has been been really good man. Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol have been the standouts. Particularly Leeds on Monday, that was a really good one.

Eudaemonia: It feels like a coming of age as such for both The Shimmer Band and This Feeling.

Tom Newman : Yeah, it feels like the culmination of a lot of hard work from Mike Jonns and all the people who work for This Feeling, the London show will be a good celebration.

They’ve spent over ten years working at building this brand to promote new music and give young bands the opportunity they wouldn’t normally get. Now it seems to be bubbling up into mainstream consciousness and people are becoming really aware of it. It is a good source for new music.

All their nights out are always good fun and a good laugh. If you’re into guitar music then it really is the place to be!

Eudaemonia: What has it been like to play bigger venues on this tour. We last saw you at Camden Assembly and honestly thought the floor was gonna fall through. It must be a bit different?

Tom Newman : It’s a pretty big step, that Camden Assembly gig was one of my favourite gigs we’ve ever done. I was surprised by it because we didn’t know what to expect, we turned up and it sold out with loads of people outside trying to get in. That’s what you want man!

The Electric Ballroom is a big old venue and its gonna be great on Saturday. Our music suits a big stage, as much as I love playing these sweaty little rooms. When theres a big PA our music sounds and travels better.

Eudaemonia: Freedom and Sunkick are huge anthems, has it been a journey since releasing them to where the band is at now?

Tom Newman : We sometimes struggle to fit them in the building! We’ve been gigging since we put out “Shoot Me Baby” and “Freedom” last year. We’ve been doing everything and its been good fun.

Eudaemonia: What has the reception for the new single “Ya Ya (Uh Oh)” been like?

Tom Newman: It’s been good, I think its freaked people out but you’ve gotta mix it up and try different things. It’s only a single and its still us playing it. Hopefully it’ll stand next to the other ones. All of our tunes have a little bit of a weirdness to them, even “Sunkick” isnt just a straight rock song.

Eudaemonia: Thats what makes you guys so individual. Shimmer Band sets are notorious for high energy and euphoria…

Tom Newman: We just wanna incite as much carnage as possible, get everyone bouncing around and moving. We enjoyed touring with Cabbage as we got to play to a crowd every single night which was good. It depends on the gig, sometimes supporting is really good – such as supporting Stereophonics at Cardiff City’s stadium which felt insane.

We headlined Camden Assembly and that was one of my favourite gigs ever.

Eudaemonia: You’ve played a tonne of festivals this year too, do you enjoy playing those?

Tom Newman: Yeah they’ve grown on me, I was always unsure because you dont get to soundcheck. We have so much going on so like a good soundcheck but we’ve got used to it now. We have a good technician who knows what he’s doing.

I really like festivals now, we did TRNSMT and Isle of Wight with The Feeling which was really good. We also did Truck Festival, Id never heard of it but we played the second stage which was huge, there were fucking loads of people there. It was a cool little festival.

Eudaemonia: What three words describe the sound of The Shimmer Band?

Tom Newman: Euphoric, Explsive and Positive.

Eudaemonia: Finally, what can we expect following the end of this tour?

Tom Newman: Its definitely a turning point. After this we will record a whole album, a proper debut. We’re gonna take our time on it, not rush and get it right. Once thats ready we’ll go from there. We really want people to dig it!


Check out “Freedom” below:


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Image via Charlie Barnes for Eudaemonia

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