Interview: Bang Bang Romeo

This Feeling’s ‘Alive’ tour has been nothing short of biblical, a turning point which proves that an underground scene is soon to shatter the glass ceiling. It is only a matter of time!

We caught up with Bang Bang Romeo before their set at Nottingham’s Glee Club. The band have gone from strength to strength ever since we first caught them as innocent, albeit slightly drunk 18 year olds on our first night out at the Amersham Arms almost two years ago. They are destined to huge stages and with media support and fan base ever growing we can only imagine such an impressive rise to the top is nothing short of inevitable.

Eudaemonia: We first saw you a few years back at the Amersham Arms in South East London, what has the journey been like to get from there to this point now?

Anastasia: We have a new management team and have signed to Solo? Music Agency so the opportunity is flying and we’ve taken them by both hands and taken things on board. The music as well is developing especially whilst we have been recording our debut album. Our sound is exactly where we want it to be now which puts more confidence in us confidence for live shows. Our fan base has been growing which feels really good, people are starting to click on a dig it like we are.

Ross: From that Amersham Arms gig we’ve just kept digging haven’t we, its been really hard graft.

Richard: It was one of the first This Feeling gigs and we got offered Isle Of Weight festival off it. It feels mad that it was two or three years ago.

Ross: We ended up with Solo Agency who run the festival after than and they got us on the Big Top this year.

Anastasia: To be fair we haven’t had a break since that point, honestly we’ve been non stop.

Eudaemonia: You guys honestly feel like one of the most committed live bands going, will you ever feel like you’ll get to a point where you would want to take a few months out to recover?

Ross: Yeah probably on Sunday after the ‘Alive’ tour finishes!

Anastasia: We have mates in bands who say they’ll take time out to be in the studio though we’ve been touring whilst recording our debut album. It has been so hands on but we’ve had so much exciting news that we don’t think we’ll be stopping for a while. Its a good kind of busy because its a good kind of progression, as long as the slope is going upwards then were happy to not rest.

Richard: These days as well you cant let any side of the band get forgotten about. We’re recording, playing live and doing social media at the same time to keep the hype. You cant build a buzz whilst you’re quiet.

Anastasia: Even though we have management id say we are a very DIY band too. All our posters and artwork are by Richard, it is never anyone other than us on social media. Planning tours and all that kind of stuff comes into it too, we’re very much behind the scenes. We may be on stage for half an hour a night but there are twenty-three other hours in the day.

Ross: Rich was in ‘Baby Driver’ in the middle of all this too!

Eudaemonia: Hearing “Invitation” and “Johannesburg” were big moments, would you say your sound has developed since then? Especially considering the recent release of Natural Born Astronaut…

Anastasia: Yeah, I think we’ve always have “Natural Born Astronaut”-esque style in our sound but our new production team and producers have really given us the opportunity to put our dreams onto record and give us the opportunity to show what we’ve been dreaming of.

Eudaemonia: It all seems really professional doesnt it?

Anastasia: Yeah, even down to the equipment, the mic’s, amps and recording systems. Its all made in house by John… Everything really is within the Bang Bang Romeo bubble!

Eudaemonia: What was it like taking Natural Born Astronaut from an idea to the massive release which it seems to be growing into now?

Ross: it came from an acoustic idea to where it is now which has been amazing.

Anastasia: Ross came to us with it acoustically, you can hear his little girl in the background and we were all just like: “Ross… Where the fuck does this stuff come from?” It developed and we were able to build on it and put it down. It has been really well received and we keep getting good news about it especially on the radio. It has been added to playlists on Radio X and has shown a different side to us as a band too. We’re not all dark and angry and it has shown a lighter side to us.

Eudaemonia: What can we expect from the Bang Bang Romeo live show?

Anastasia: We’ve started smoking human bones on stage much like Marilyn Manson. Nah we don’t do that just for the record! It’s all emotional, passionate theatre. It’s not just the music, we want people to go away with a song in their head. Its probably more intense and engaging with a few surprises thrown in there too alongside our new light show.

Eudaemonia: How has the This Feeling ‘Alive’ Tour been like so far? It feels bigger and really special to be part of…

Anastasia: It has been great and to be on the first one has been really special. We’ve got a proper bromance going on with BlackWaters now. Every band have been at a high level every night which has been rare, we are blown away by the two other bands every night. For us it has been great because we get to gig and see them each night. Playing venues we haven’t ever played before to a crowd who we didn’t even know knew the words to each song has been so special. It has been good and we’ve been able to expand as a band.

Eudaemonia: Its cool to see bands who are at the top of their game and constantly improving, it feels like something which will be talked about as a turning point in years to come right?

Richard: In the first meeting with Mikey Jonns he mentioned that grime has made a scene where everybody supports each other which is ultimately why the genre is at the top of the charts. Whilst that is something which he has been doing in the underground for a long time, this tour is about getting our music right up there in bigger venues and pushing it into peoples faces.

Eudaemonia: Do you reckon our kind of music will be trapped in the underground for much longer?

Anastasia: There’s only so long until that glass ceiling will be shattered. The industry will have to give way at some point, it isn’t going to have a choice!

Eudaemonia: What can we expect from Bang Bang Romeo in the coming 6 months?

Anastasia: There’s new and exciting things happening behind the scenes. We have a few finishing touches to add to the album and we think it’ll come out next year. There’ll definitely be another single beforehand though, if not two. We also have the video for “Natural Born Astronaut” coming out in the next couple of weeks too which stars Ross’ little boy Noah who is a really cool little actor!

Eudaemonia: Finally, where would you like to see the band in 5 years time?

Ross: Probably in space really!

Anastasia: Either inner earth or space… I think we’d love to gig Albert Hall five nights in a row before or Glastonbury. We want to save that for the first time the band play there.

Richard: We’d love to have about two albums out by then too.


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