Weekend Recovery set to release new single ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ 

The four piece rock/pop band have already created a massive buzz following their formation just last year, now Weekend Recovery are set to create further impressions with new single “Why Don’t You Love Me’ on November 30th.

Having already been signed to Headcheck Records, their musical abilities are ever growing and evolving. With such an intriguing sound, which is perfectly translated to the live setting, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the bigger stages in years to come.

With influences ranging from Paramore to Oasis, there are aspects of Weekend Recovery’s sound which is suited to absolutely everyone. Formed in Maidstone, Kent, the female fronted rock band are entirely listenable. With the region being home to the likes of Slaves, Moose Blood and Broken Hands already, it is clear that the band are proud of their heritage in an ever growing rock scene.

The band also have strong support links, especially from those at BBC Introducing. Hoxton Radio and the NME are also already huge fans as a result of third single ‘New Tattoo’ which displays all the elements of strong songwriting and impressive sound.

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ opens with effortlessly strong guitar riffs mixed with strong voice and lyricism. Its repetitive chorus is catchy, from first listen it becomes an obviously memorable song. Its chorus is in many ways anthemic and best suited to the live setting.

The band’s touring commitments are ever growing. Whilst they are firm favourites in the Maidstone and Kent regions, it is their trips to London and beyond which are becoming all the more notorious. Watch out for the upcoming New Cross in gig on December 3rd for Mind UK, its gonna be a good’un we’re sure!

Weekend Recovery are nothing short of impressive, “Why Don’t You Love Me’ is perhaps their best release yet!

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ is released 30th November, Check out Weekend Recovery on Soundcloud:


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Image via Weekend Recovery

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