Live Review: Northern Exposure Presents MAH

Date: 10/11/2017

Venue: The Leadmill, Sheffield

Featuring: Cabbage, Trampolene, Sheafs, Sisteray

Quite possibly one of the best line ups of the year, Northern Exposure’s charity gig for Musicians Against Homelessness was nothing short of special. With Sisteray, Sheafs, Trampolene and Cabbage making up the line up, it was clear that the evening would be memorable.

Sisteray kicked off proceedings, their infectious political punk rock sound is second to none. In fact, we’ve never seen a venue so packed so early. Songs such as “Nostalgia Trip” and “Queen’s English” have already grown into anthems in their own right. It is nice to see the London boys constantly picking up fans throughout the country, it is clear that they are onto something very, very special.

Next it was onto local band Sheafs whom we first caught up with at London’s Nambucca just a few months back. They are quite possibly one of the finest live bands in the country right now, every set brings chaos which can only be described as beautiful. Their strong guitar based sound is second to none, “Mind Pollution” created the most frantic of mosh pits and is already a track which seems suited to arenas and stadiums alike.

“Such a gig has been a year and a half in the planning and in many ways was a celebration of musical diversity”

Their latest single “This Is Not A Protest” is without a doubt their best and most relevant yet and did well to amaze the immersed crowd. The chorus is still ringing in our heads! It mixes strong lyricism with fighting riffs to create a song which will remain likeable for years and years to come. These boys are unbelievable both on track and in the live setting, their latest Sheffield outing sent a strong message and is a sign of things to come.

Such a gig has been a year and a half in the planning and in many ways was a celebration of musical diversity and raised money for an impressive cause. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable and isolated. Musician’s Against Homelessness raised money for Crisis. They offer ground breaking housing, health, education and employment services.

It was next to Trampolene and Jack Jones’ somewhat intriguing hi vis jacket, donned as part of the self proclaimed ‘Hi-Vis’ tour which came to a culmination at Sheffield’s famous Leadmill. Opening with “Ketamine,” their set was a celebration of songs old and new taken from debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey.’

Quite frankly, it is one of the most impressive album releases of the year, made up of tracks such as “Alcohol Kiss” and “Storm Heaven” which were both atmospheric in the live setting. Trampolene’s set was high energy throughout, with crowd surfing becoming all the more regularity in the acrobatic Jones’ stage presence.

“It is obvious that the entirety of Cabbage’s back catalogue is well loved and anthemic”

And so it was onto Cabbage, their 2017 has been nothing short of successful and their Leadmill set was spectacular. It secured their status as one of the best practised, energetic and impressive live bands in the country. Opening with latest, remastered single “Kevin,” it was clear from the beginning that the Mossley boys were at their best!

Of course songs such as “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” and “Terrorist Synthesizer” were highlights however, it is obvious that the entirety of their back catalogue is well loved and anthemic… not bad for a band who are still yet to release a proper debut album! “Dissonance” and “Indispensable Pencil” were firm examples of this, both rapid and mesmerising from the crowds perspective. Cabbage are one of the country’s most important bands right now, their mixing of frantic sound and relevant lyricism gives us even more hope for the future of British music.

Much love has to go to Northern Exposure, the event raised impressive money for charity and was a perfect coming together of the local and national music industry. It was one of our favourite nights of live music in a very long time and all for the most impressive of causes!

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Images via Northern Exposure and Cabbage

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