Black Honey Release Menacing Single “Dig”

Their social media trail for such a single at times hinted to a worryingly early break up, though the outcome of it is nothing short of mesmerising. Once again, Black Honey have delivered something quite special with their amazing new single “Dig.”

The new track explores the darker, more mysterious side of their sound. Breathtaking guitar riffs are ever present, a firm sign of individuality within their sound. Chorus wise it is catchy, “Dig” explores the confusing aspects of any kind of relationship. It wouldn’t sound out of place in a James Bond film nor a Wes Anderson classic. On first listen, it visually takes us to the streets of Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo… it teases elegance and an impressive musical ability.

“The entire band are cool as fuck – their style is godlike and colourful”

Black Honey are one of the country’s most exciting bands, their infectious mix of lyricism and melody is intriguing and catchy. Formed in Brighton, their 2014 debut EP came as a pleasant surprise. “Madonna” is where it began, a dreamy riff-based track which catches the listener off-guard. Songs such as “Corrine” and “Spinning Wheel” have also grown into a league of their own, already both well known and liked.

The video for “Dig” was directed by Shaun James Grant and is cinematic in the best of ways. Set at a funeral, it channels Tarantino at his best, lead singer Izzy Baxter is suited perfectly to the role. In fact, the entire band are cool as fuck – their style is godlike and colourful at the best of times.

Black Honey are currently embarked upon a MASSIVE European tour alongside Royal Blood. Having conquered Europe already, the coming few weeks sees them return to the UK to venues such as Nottingham Arena, Alexandra Palace and more. Tickets still remain for many of the dates, Royal Blood and Black Honey are the perfect combo of the deep South’s incredible eye for music.

“Dig” is perhaps one of the best single releases of the year, it is a perfect ballad of darkness and confusion. We already cant wait to see what 2018 has in store for them.


Check out the video for “Dig” below via Youtube:


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Images via Black Honey

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