The Libertines To Play Australia In 2018

It’s hard to imagine that The Libertines are still experience ‘new’ ventures after their long and distinguished careers however, 2018 sees them head to Australia for the first time!

2017 has been different and exciting for the London formed band, their festival commitments were numerous alongside a special seaside tour just a few months back. In many ways they are still the perfect live band, frantic and energetic and all the more experienced. Whilst the year has seen no new releases it has still been refreshing and entirely exciting.

“The Libertines head to Melbourne and Brisbane for two special headline sets.”

With early 2018 seeing their first trip to Australia, it is already clear that the year will be important for The Libertines. Already, they have confirmed plans for more touring and the purchase of a hotel in the Margate region. Expected to be a complex of recording studios, a bar and hotel rooms, the project is very much unique. The Libertines have always been revolutionary in their own sense, if any band was to open a hotel it would be them! We cant begin to imagine what their hotel venture will be like, though already it is certain to be something quite special!

Sydney City Limits, a new urban festival was first to be announced. The line up is MASSIVE in itself, the boys will feature alongside legendary artists such as Justice, Beck and The Avalanches. More names are certain to still be announced. The festival runs alongside Auckland City limits, a city in New Zealand’s Northern island.

In between, The Libertines also head to Melbourne and Brisbane for two special headline sets.

Australia really is in for a treat!

The Libertines Headline Dates:

28/02/18 – Melbourne, Forum

01/03/18 – Brisbane, Tivoli


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Image via The Libertines

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