Peace Return With “From Under Liquid Glass”

In support of MQ Mental Health, the famous Birmingham band return with their first single since 2015. “From Under Liquid Glass” is unbelievably raw and truthful, a really informing side to Peace’s inner self.

Opening with an obvious guitar riff, the track features the best side of lead singer Harry Koisser’s vocal abilities. Lyrically it is raw and intrusive, an insight into mental issues which hinder many throughout a lifetime. It is well thought and informative, the most truthful side to Peace’s musical ability yet.

“We already can’t wait to see what 2018 has in-store for Peace!”

Peace returned from a touring break earlier this year to perform in cities such as Nottingham and Sheffield as part of Topman’s on tour with NME line up. Having also encountered a small number of festival performances over the late summer, it is now clear that the third chapter of the band’s impressive career is becoming clear.

2015’s ‘Happy People’ was one of THE hit albums of that year, tracks such as “Money” and “I’m A Girl” were both catchy and mesmerising in the live setting. Peace are one of the most positive bands of all, almost instantly bringing cheer to a listener.

Harry Koisser says: “It is an honest, personal account of how I was feeling last year.  Things in my life were rocky and I hit a low point; the song is a form of self-expression, which I found therapeutic.  It helped to write my feelings down on paper.”

We already can’t wait to see what 2018 has in-store for Peace!

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