Live Review: Liam Gallagher

Date: 10/12/2017

Venue: Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Liam Gallagher’s arena return has already been nothing short of spectacular. His Nottingham return was unlike no other, a true throwback to the early days of his fast evolving, long ranging career.

2017 has already seen the now solo-star return to a rightful number 1 spot in the chart whilst also maintaining his legendary reputation. Performances at Glastonbury and Reading proved that his new sound is at home in only the largest of settings whilst also proving that his vocal abilities are at a two decade high. Ultimately, things are looking good for the former Oasis frontman.

Arriving on stage to “Fuckin In The Bushes” it was clear from the outset that the Nottingham crowd would be like no other, beers launching around the venue and fans being raised to shoulders was the norm. The opening duo of “Rock ’n’ Roll Star” and “Morning Glory” set the scene, it is clear that they are both two of the greatest live rock and roll tracks to ever exist.

The night was opened by Trampolene, arguably one of the best new bands to come out of Britain’s ever growing underground music scene this year. Their infectious mixture of bass and treble delighted the Nottingham crowd. It is clear their sound is suited to the big arenas, if anyone deserves to be on this stage it is them! Rat Boy were next up, their youthful sound may not have been suited to the parka cladded, middle aged men who spanned the majority of the arena though it is clear that their talent is impeccable, they create effortless joy wherever they go.

New songs taken from no.1 album ‘As You Were’ also stood their ground and did not seem at all out of place amongst a setlist featuring numerous classics. Highlights include “Come Back To Me” and “Wall Of Glass,” the latter being one of the true sounds of summer 2017. “For What It’s Worth” also manages to encapsulate a meaningful type of atmosphere, already it is a fan favourite and a memorable sing along.

“Rockin Chair” has been given its first outing in decades during Gallagher’s latest arena tour which spans the breadth of the country, from London and Plymouth to Manchester and Glasgow. His relevance has never been in question, in many ways this is a testimony to not only his likability but the long lasting legacy of Oasis.

“Some Might Say” and “Supersonic” were expectedly triumphant, though surprise inclusions of the night such as “Universal Gleam” and “Bold” once again do well to match their Oasis predecessors. The former is one of the most delightful tracks from the new album, it brings out the best in Gallagher’s voice.

2018 is already looking intense for the Manchester legend, headline shows at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, TRNSMT Festival and London’s Finsbury Park bring him back to the festival-type gigs in which his voice is best suited to. With most tickets already sold out, it is clear that his newfound solo fame is showing no signs of slowing down.

Self stated as one of the last remaining ‘true rock and roll’ stars, it is hard to argue with Liam Gallagher’s credentials. His Nottingham return was sensational and memorable, one of THE biggest nights the city will have seen in 2017 and beyond!

Rocking Chair, Live From Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena:


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