The 2017 Music List: Best Tracks

2017 has been one of THE greatest years for new music, many singles and tracks have soundtracked the year from the outset. It is clear that each of these tracks will grow into something special, with some potentially becoming life changing anthems. Below are some of our favourite songs of the year:

The Blinders – Brave New World

Quite possibly the most impactful release this year, “Brave New World” does everything to epitomise the current state of the planet in which we live upon. It is atmospheric and otherworldly, best suited to the live setting.

The Blinders have already seen an explosion in support throughout 2017, their early 2018 tour is a sign of things to come. They are a band with so much talent and political insight, their sound is effortless and their lyrics become an at times era defining commentary for the masses.


Bang Bang Romeo – Natural Born Astronaut

No song brings as much positivity as “Natural Born Astronaut,” it fills us with both hope and excitement. Lyrically on point and vocally sensational there is nothing to not like about this song.

Bang Bang Romeo have been onto something quite special this year having performed at festivals across the country alongside the historic ‘This Feeling Alive Tour’ with bands such as The Shimmer Band and BlackWaters. Ultimately, ‘Natural Born Astronaut” is already a classic in our eyes.


Sheafs – This Is Not A Protest

One of the most anthemic songs in a while, Sheafs’ latest single is a force to be reckoned with. Catchy guitar riffs dominate with stellar chorus’ and lyricism throughout. This is amazing in the life setting, circle pits and crowd surfing galore prove that Sheafs are one of the most intriguing live bands out there right now.


Calva Louise – Getting Closer

Calva Louise are one of London’s most impressive, uplifting bands at the minute. Their single “Getting Closer” has been ferocious and gained numerous lines of support in the process. It mixes genius guitar riffs with catchy lyricism to create a fine mix of heavy and upbeat sound.

Their punky charm is unmissable, what a year 2018 will be for Calva Louise!


Tom Grennan – Found What I’ve Been Looking For

Tom Grennan has risen through the industry this year, 2018 will be eagerly anticipated for it shall see the release of his debut album. The Bedford born singer is insanely likeable and “Found What I’ve Been Looking For” displays all the hallmarks of his incredible ability.

It clearly hasn’t been a bad year for someone who only drunkenly discovered their singing ability during a pub singalong!


Self Esteem – Your Wife

Produced by Django Django’s Dave Mclean, Slow Club’s Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s Self Esteem is something quite intriguing. Lead single “Your Wife” questions the freedom of the male dominated world. Lyrically it is second to none, Taylor’s abilities are nothing short of mesmerising.


Yak – All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life

Produced by Kevin Parker, “All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life” represents a successful return in preparation for their all important second album, it is nothing short of mesmerising. Opening with a confident yet tranquil mix of effects and distortion, the track mixes all the best elements of the London based band.

It rapidly converts to mass energy and explosion. This is something in which the band are effortlessly good at, it is rare to see a band as raw and expressive as Yak are.


Babe Punch – Control

BABEPUNCH are arguably the most active, well loved band in Nottingham’s ever growing music scene right now. “Control” has a chorus worth dying for and is incredibly well produced.

They are one of the country’s most impressive upcoming bands, their debut single is second to none and rightly features in such an end of year list!


Teenage Toy – Insecure Men

Insecure Men’s second single is no doubt their most impressive. Formed by Saul of Fat White Family fame alongside Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Nathan Saoudi, the band present a new direction of musical diversity and meaning.

Its at times dark lyricism is juxtaposed with its upbeat, catchy sound. The band are on tour next year, you must catch them live!


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain

One of the biggest names on the list, though such a change in musical direction merits this. Produced by David Holmes and taken from no.1 selling album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, “Holy Mountain is perhaps the stand out track on the whole album.

It is similar yet so different to anything he has ever done in the past. Strong chorus and lyricism is no doubt present, though the inclusion of brass sections, different vocal melodies and ever changing riffs gives it all the elements of a 60s bop mixed with an 80s dance classic.


Trampolene – Storm Heaven

Taken from their debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey,’ “Storm Heaven” is one of the most impressive, atmospheric anthems we’ve heard for a while. It mixes all of the best aspects of Trampolene’s sound and in many ways is one of the remarkable tracks they’ve ever released.

Trampolene are currently on tour with Liam Gallagher and owning their sets in massive live arenas. If anyone deserves it it’s them!


BlackWaters – Let The Good Times Roll

BlackWaters have been one of the years stand out artists, their punky melodies and youthful lyricism is second to none. “Let The Good Times Roll” is catchy and listenable, you’ll never forget it from first listen onwards. The band have been ever active throughout the year at festivals and beyond, their sets during ‘This Feeling’s Alive Tour’ were both intense and intriguing.

Once again, 2018 is gonna be a crackin year for these boys!


Sisteray – Queen’s English

We fell in love with Sisteray from the outset, their politically relevant sound is exciting and refreshing.

It is lyrically where the song comes into a league of its own, just about calling out pretty much everyone in modern politics and establishment. In theory, there are more sends in “Queens English” than in the most popular of modern rap albums, though unlike opposite contemporaries Sisteray are creating a social commentary like no other.


White Room – Stole The I.V.

White Room recently released double EP ‘Eight’ to massive critical acclaim. “Stole The I.V.” is one of THE stand out tracks, its chorus is unreal and entirely memorable. It is no surprise that they are festival favourites, in many ways the single is THE perfect festival sing along.

Think a modern version of Pulp’s Common People with some of the strongest guitar based sounds we’ve heard in a while.


Brown Lion Zoo – Get Up

Brown Lion Zoo are Nottingham’s most impressive new band, BBC Radio Introducing have already had this one all over the airwaves in the last few months or so. “Get Up” is the perfect starting point for the new listener.

It is energetic and well suited to the live setting, of which their local shows are becoming all the more famous. With a rapid rise expected, 2018 will be a surreal year for Brown Lion Zoo!


WOWH – Early Hours

WOWH are sensational, their effortless musical ability is enabling them an ever growing fan base and strong recommendations from press alike.

The duo made up of Nick Harrison and Toby Couling mix multi instrumentalist talents with catchy, relevant lyricism to create the perfect funk-pop track, “Early Hours” is THE perfect example of this.


Paves – Baby

Described by Radio X as the perfect “summer anthem,” Paves’ latest single “Baby” is arguably their best yet. Infectious guitar riffs mix with heavenly lyricism to create somewhat of an emerging stadium anthem.

It has wowed fans across the country in small venues and festival alike and is no doubt one of the strongest new rock and roll songs out there right now!


The Shimmer Band – Jacknife And The Death Call 

The Bristol formed band have an obvious psychedelic sound, a perfect mixture of effects and guitar which makes them incredibly suited to the live setting.

“Jacknife And The Death Call” incorporates all of this, its heavy verse and chorus wouldn’t seem out of place in the smallest of venues nor the largest of stadiums.



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