Liam Gallagher Aims To Control Climate Change This Christmas 

Climate change is very much topical and relevant, a dangerous and impactful set of conditions which may limit the existence of future generations upon earth. Liam Gallagher comes as an unlikely supporter, his narration of an “alternative Christmas advert” via the Climate Coalition is ingenious.

Part of the Climate Coalition’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign, it brings attention to climate change at a time of year where it is closer than ever. Whilst effects may be less obvious now than in summer, it is clear that confused seasonal change has led to far more significant weather systems and natural disasters.
Gallagher’s support of the campaign is in many ways iconic and brings it into the realms of wider viewing. Produced by Rankin and animated by Jelly London, it is already doing the rounds on social media and is expected to grow into something of viral fame over the festival period.

Gallagher’s voice is iconic and it is hoped that his support for the campaign will bring the issue into the minds of his ever growing fan base.

Climate Coalitions’ campaign pledges for:

A world powered by clean and secure energy within a generation is within our reach. The changes and investment needed to protect our world have begun. We can have new jobs and new industries. We can have healthier families and safer communities. We have the power to choose.

Together let’s protect the world we love from climate change and make sure our love is felt by those who can make a world of difference.

Check out the video below:


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Foto: Stefan Brending / , via Wikimedia Commons

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