The 2017 Music List: Best Albums

2017 has been a wonderful year of album releases. Each month saw much anticipated records coming to our ears. Below is a list of our writers’ favourite records of the year, each having special and unique qualities which have enabled them to become fan favourites since their inception. 


Interplanetary Class Classics – The Moonlandingz

The Moonlandingz’ debut has taken the year, and quite possibly the planet, by storm. Its fictional musings clash well with a space-like sound like no other. The collaboration is part Fat White Family, part Eccentronic Research Council and features the likes of Yoko Ono and Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor.

Tracks such as “Vessels” and “Black Hanz” have become cult classics whilst “Sweet Saturn Mine” and “Glory Hole” provoke intrigue. It is in the live setting where the the album truly comes into a league of its own.

The world needs more of The Moonlandingz, their recent Sheffield outing may well have been their last for a while. However, the album’s legacy will surely live on for a while, it truly is a work of art which can only exist in an otherworldly setting.


Swansea To Hornsey – Trampolene

Trampolene’s debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ was perhaps our most anticipated new album of the year It is a beautiful mix of elegantly chaotic life anthems and beautiful lyricism in the slower, more harmonic tracks. Ultimately, this band are destined for great things!

The inclusion of genius poetry is notable, Jack Jones’ lyrically ability is second to none. The most obvious, open and raw example of this comes in cult classic “Ketamine.” Tracks such as “Imagine Something Yesterday” and “Dreams So Rich, Life So Poor” create hope and positivity through the most bleak of situations, something which is ever present in all the great rock and roll tunes.

You HAVE to listen to this album, quite frankly its sound is infectious. With more touring activity planned for 2018 it is clear that NOTHING is stopping Trampolene from going all the way!


Love In The 4th Dimension – The Big Moon

The Big Moon’s debut is very much spot on, arguably THE most faultless album of the year. Released via Fiction Records, its strong reception by fans and media alike has seen it become somewhat of a modern classic in itself following a well documented Mercury Award nomination.

Musical it vary’s, it mixes different sounds and pace to create something impressive. Tracks such as “Cupid” and “Sucker” may have gained most radio play, though each song is strong in its own right. Our personal favourites include “Pull The Other One” and “Silent Move Susie.”


English Tapas – Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods will forever be relevant, gone are the days of their early releases and instead they now have a considerably large platform to spread their post punk message from. English Tapas can in many ways be deliberately polarising, though in truth it offers not an alternative opinion but a commentary of current affairs for the majority.

“Moptop” and “B.H.S” have obvious, over exaggerated political relevance. However, it is very much musically impressive. “Just Like We Do” and “Army Nights” both come across in an uplifting manner. Their live sets are notorious and special, Sleaford Mods are well on their way to becoming something of collective importance.


Apocalipstick – Cherry Glazerr

Clementine Creevy has a voice worth dying for, Cherry Glazerr’s impressive sound channels post punk sounds through huge riffs and DIY lyricism. “Told You I’d Be With The Guys” stands out as being of the the most impressive songs of the year, it is catchy and screams for female solidarity.

“Sip O’ Poison” and “Trash People” suit the live setting where their sound transforms crowds into a beautifully chaotic frenzy, we caught them at Dot to Dot Festival back in May and trust us, they were by far THE standout band of the day!


The Wholls – The Wholls 

The Wholls’ sound is just massive! Think an impressive collective between Jamie T, Blossoms and The Prodigy, quite frankly they have a sound worth dying for. Their self titled debut album is impressive, a sure sign of things to come!

Standout tracks include the anthemic “Take Jimi” which mesmerised fans across the country during this summer’s festival season where the Bedford band were part of This Feeling’s Jack Rocks 7 concept. “X21” and “Roll Out” are both equally as massive, their live sound is just as impressive as The Wholls’ mesmerising debut album.


24/7 Rockstar Shit – The Cribs

The Jarman brothers are each musical enigmas, they have never lost touch with their sound and it shows! ’24/7 Rockstar Shit’ displays all the hallmarks of their now iconic sound though still includes enough differentiation to once more cement their latest album in the realms of ultimate consistency

“Year Of Hate” was first dropped as a limited, surprise vinyl drop via independent record stores in true Cribs fashion. They are a HUGE iconic band but still remain true to their DIY roots. “Rainbow Ridge” and “Broken Arrow” complete the highlights for this one, though in truth the whole album combines to become one of the most pleasurable listening experiences of the year.


Who Built The Moon? – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Possibly the largest name on the list, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ latest album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ is nothing short of a masterpiece. We are in awe of the musical change in direction, in many ways he is no longer sporting the bland, unimpressive stadium dad rock which dominated later Oasis albums.

Instead, songs such as “It’s A Beautiful World,” “The Man Who Built The Moon” and “Fort Knox” infuse positivity and are infectious. In many ways this is a beautiful album!


Visions Of A Life – Wolf Alice

For most bands, the all important second album is a time of great difficulty. However, Wolf Alice’s ‘Visions Of A Life’ is nothing short of impressive and explores somewhat of a darker sound to their original debut.

Opening with “Heavenward,” the album cleverly explores a variety of themes through sounds both loud, heavy and soft. “Beautifully Unconventional” is by far the most catchy, though tracks such as “Don’t Delete The Kisses” introduce a relevant, meaningful side to an album which will live long in the memory. Wolf Alice are only going to keep getting better!


Scum – Ratboy 

Ratboy hold true to their DIY production style with debut album ‘Scum’ whilst elevating it into the larger studio. Don’t believe reputation, the album should be used as a form of ultimate judgement.

With interludes providing somewhat of a fun-filled, comedic effect, the true intrigue comes within sound and lyric. “Revolution” sums up the mood of an entire generation whilst the already classic “Sign On” is one of the album’s true high points.

Ratboy are sometimes infamous and pictured in a confused manner on social media however, it should be there music which does the talking. Jordan Cardy and co have produced and intriguingly infectious album in ‘Scum.’


Wheels To Idyll – John Hassall & The April Rainers

‘Wheels To Idyll’ is very much a complete album, it collates impressively from start to finish. The quieter, more relaxed sound within it is musically impressive and brings a calm aura most relatable to the sound of the late 60s.

“Sun In The Afternoon” is a beautiful opener whilst “Intercity 125” is a meaningful journey back to youthful times. The entire album is very much dreamy, this is best seen in “Whether Girl” and “Given Time.” The album is entirely impressive, one to be taken on any kind of journey!


Brutalism – Idles

Idles’ rise in 2017 has been nothing short of phenomenal, the BBC Radio 6 favourites are very much poised to become one of the most important post punk outfits of the decade. Their debut, self titled album imposes all the hallmarks of their relentless quest for musical supremacy.

“Well Done” and “Mother” are both hard hitting, in your face anthems which create a riotous response from the listener. They are also politically relevant, the Bristol based band’s sound constantly evokes different layers and is best suited to the louder volume echelons. Ultimately, this record will remain long in the memory of listeners, it no wonder they are developing such an ever growing following.


As You Were – Liam Gallagher

THE biggest comeback album of the year! Liam Gallagher has completely owned 2017 with his no.1 selling debut solo album ‘As You Were’ and a historic run of arena gigs to complete the year. The album is impressive albeit expected. Tracks such as “Wall Of Glass” and “You Better Run” boast fairly obvious Oasis comparisons.

However, tracks such as “Universal Gleam” and “I’ve All I Need” bring out only the best side of the younger Gallagher’s voice. It may be fairly similar to the obvious, arena-like nature of Oasis and Beady Eye’s sound however, it by far eclipses everything the iconic front man has released in many decades.


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