Preview: This Feeling’s Big In 2018, London

Ahhh, the turn of the year again! No January would be complete without This Feeling’s iconic “Ones To Watch’ gigs, this year entitled ‘Big In 2018.’ Taking place on four January dates in London and Manchester, this year’s roster features perhaps the best talent the UK has to offer. 

Here, we take a look at some of the bands performing in London at Nambucca (13/01) and The Monarch (25/01).

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Nambucca – 13/01/2018


Named after the God of counter-love in Greek mythology, Anteros have a sound which employs all of that and more. It is infectious, anthemic chorus match well with dance-able riffs and guitar-pop like sounds.

They mix different decades and influences to create a sound which is entirely individual, latest single “Love” does this best, no doubt one day it will grow into becoming a festival/arena sing along like no other. The London based four piece already have an incredible back catalogue which is constantly evolving. From tracks like “Drunk” to “Bonnie,” an evolution in sound is obvious, they’re only gonna get better as the release of an all important debut album grows closer.



Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie’s punk-pop sound is both intriguing and exciting, they have a live sound which in many ways demands attention. This is evident in latest EP release ‘Young & Lonesome.’ Heavy guitar riffs mix well with obvious lyrics to create an all together confident sound.

Whilst its title track is very much relaxed, “She Looks Like a Dreamer” utilises their musical abilities to create a beautiful mix of controlled chaos on record and within their live set. If debut single “Hey” is anything to go by, Hey Charlie are already set for a sensational 2018.




Himalayas’ “Thank God I’m Not You” is one of those bangers which doesn’t come around very often, from first listen it is destined to greater things. The Welsh band have been rapidly rising ever since the release of debut EP ‘Ecstasy.’

South Wales has already played home to a group of ever talented, important new bands including Catfish & The Bottlemen and Pretty Vicious, Himalayas hold all their musical abilities and more. Latest single “Sigh On A Hurricane” is the best example yet of their evolving sound, both energetic and frantic in the live setting.



Avalanche Party

Avalanche Party truly lead the North’s upcoming music scene in 2017, their live shows were ferocious and talked about nationwide. 2018 marks arguably the most important year in their existence, we’re sure that their pioneering sound is gonna go far!

Latest single “I’m So Wet” sums up their mesmerising talents, Avalanche Party mix atmospheric sounds, intriguing lyrics and more to create a sense of pure individualism. Resurrecting a 70s, Stooges like spirit, “Solid Gold” is quite obviously one of the most incredible live songs around. 2018 kicks of where the previous year ended, gigs, gigs and more gigs! They’re one of the most active, talked about bands around and for good reason!



Calva Louise

Calva Louise are THE band to watch in 2018! Their London This Feeling residencies were captivating, displayinh all the hallmarks of a well practised, exciting band. “Getting Closer” is a firm example of their potential, a mix of grunge/pop influences which remain all the more impressive in the live setting.

2018 will see Calva Louise tour ferociously throughout the country and beyond including dates in Glasgow, Leeds and York. 2016’s debut single “I’m Gonna Do Well” is upbeat and memorable in itself. With more releases set to come we can only imagine that Calva Louise are set to blow up immensely before the year is done!



Lucie Barat

Lucie Barat’s debut offerings have been received to great acclaim, a duo of tracks which have the potential to kickstart what will be a memorable 2018. “Be Uprising” does all that it says on the tin, a catchy mix of guitar and pop infused sounds with a revolutionary twist. It already feels like the soundtrack to our summer.

“Take Me Away” is slightly heavier and well suited to the live setting in which Barat has a tonne of experience. Having already tasted success in 2017, this year remains just as exciting with more live appearances and releases in the pipeline!



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The Monarch – 25/01/2018

The Velvet Hands

They’re being touted as The Rolling Stokes mixed with The Strokes though in many ways The Velvet Hands are entirely unique. Their DIY ethos is spectacular and with a This Feeling UK tour in the pipeline it is already clear that 2018 is gonna be a good’un!

“Games” is the perfect emblem of their musical abilities, it is intriguing and massively ambitious. “Sick Of Living” boasts a certain uniqueness through its raw production, lyrically expressing the mood of modern youth. Their live sound is second to none, a refreshing and welcome ode to the spirit of 60s and 70s rock n roll with an aura of modern confidence.



The Scruff

Bedford based guitar pop band The Scruff are rapidly growing with every release, their big in 2018 gigs will prove them to be one of the best new guitar bands about. “Leave It Alone” has perhaps one of the most impressive use of drums on offer whilst being lyrically impressive.

Following line up changes and re-crafting in sound, it is clear that 2018 is already an important year for The Scruff. “Her” represents something entirely different from debut single “Bricks & Bottles.” Far calmer and personal, the track is the best representation of what to expect from the band’s upcoming ‘Big In 2018’ gig and Camden’s Monarch.



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