No Glastonbury, No Problem… 2018 Replacement Festivals

Okay, the title of this article might just be an overstatement, Glastonbury is the pinnacle of any musical calendar. It is a date which is first onto any yearly calendar, top of bucket lists, the ULTIMATE weekender. However, 2018 happens to be a fallow year… heartbreaking I know! Here we ponder numerous other ‘larger’ festivals which can fill the Glastonbury shaped whole in 2018.

Reading & Leeds

Reading & Leeds is the staple festival diet for anyone under 18, 21 at a push. A whole array of popular indie bands with the mix of heavier rock and rap. In reality, such an opening statement is harsh. Both the festivals are huge within their own right and whilst they don’t boast the same kind of nightlife and immersive features like Glastonbury does, it is still a very big ordeal!

Last year saw the likes and Liam Gallagher, Kasabian and Muse head to the two festival sites, in reality the Reading & Leeds line up’s are incredibly strong year upon year. However, with it being a little later in the year expect colder weather, shorter days and an all round less immersive experience to Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 6.5/10


BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

At least this is what we think it will be called, though with an entirely unique twist. This year, Radio 1’s Big Weekend will be quadrupled, the first four nation music festival of its kind. The idea is in many ways remarkable, though logistically challenging. Will the headliners feature on all four sites? What genre will be featured? Will it have the same night time culture in which Glastonbury boasts?

The answers to these questions shall remain unknown, for all we know it may just be an elaborate ploy to maintain viewing figures on a weekend in which Glastonbury usually dominates the TV listings. However, the BBC’s pulling power means that no artist is out of bounds, if played right the idea could be spectacular!

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 7.5/10



TRNSMT debuted last year as a replacement for T in the Park, in many ways its organisation and line up was otherworldly. Glastonbury headliners Radiohead featured alongside Biffy Clyro and Kasabian. Tailoring more to the alt/indie music fan, it employed all the tactics of any other great festival with a unique Glasgow twist.

However, the USP of this festival is that it is the largest city based gathering, this year extending to take place over two weekends and featuring the likes of Liam Gallagher and The Killers. Yes, the camping aspect of Glastonbury is one of its best feature, though why not take a well-earned rest and still not miss out with an annual feast of world class music?

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 8.5/10


Rock Werchter

Rock Werchter is one of Europe’s best festivals and takes place just a week after Glastonbury on the festival calendar. For this reason line-ups often overlap, think The Last Shadow Puppets, Radiohead, Florence And The Machine, etc, in previous years.

Whilst the festival experience is all a little more corporate, Rock Werchter boasts some of the finest nighttime spots in Europe, art installations and all round good vibes. In reality, it is a different experience, though in many ways Belgium’s most important, fun festivals.

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 8.5/10


Boomtown Chapter 10 is already set to be its best outing yet based upon another elaborate mythos. Itt is very much similar to Glastonbury’s creative ethos, musically it is close resembling to the likes of Block 9 and Arcadia.

The Gorillaz have already been announced as headliners, the historic Glastonbury goer will take from that what they will… However, if you’re one for the South East corner then Boomtown is one for you!

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 8/10


BST Hyde Park

THE most corporate of festivals, if you can even call it that. Yeah, line ups are good if not a little too musically diverse, but at the end of the day its target audience is suited to the upper echelons of society, a pint is London prices and then some!

However, it is in line up when it comes into its own. Previously the festival has seen the likes of The Libertines, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones. This year has already seen the announcement of Eric Clapton. Prepare to lose an arm and a leg and bear witness to the strictest sound limits and curfews in which London has to offer!

Glastonbury Replacement Rating: 5.5/10


Where Else?

Knebworth Park

Rumours that a new, summer festival shall take place here or even a short series of outdoor gigs. The Rolling Stones are Heavily Rumoured.

Finsbury Park

Liam Gallagher’s Finsbury Park gig sold out in under two minutes. Queen’s Of The Stone Age also feature, though we’re gonna boycott this one, rock n roll has no place for men who injure female photographers at gigs! Shame on Josh H*mme.

Truck Festival

A great small festival in Oxford, maybe a little too youthful in crowd though in many ways an intriguing mix of upcoming bands and past indie legends. Previous years have seen The Libertines and The Vaccines headline.


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