2018 Watch-List 

No turn of the year is complete without a ‘One’s To Watch’ list previewing the next 12 months in music. Here’s nine bands who we predict to do MASSIVE things in 2018:

Calva Louise

Calva Louise spent much of the end of 2017 performing across London relentlessly, for that reason they now stand at the centre of industry and fan hype. 2018 is going to be even bigger for the trio, kicking off in January with This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2018’ gigs alongside trips to York and Glasgow.

We can only assume that they will take this Summer’s festival season by storm, latest single “Getting Closer” is one of the catchiest tracks we’ve heard in a while. It mixes joyful, upbeat, infectious guitar riffs with a heavy chorus – a beautiful pop/grunge mis-match.

“Gonna Do Well” was first released in 2016 and is another fine example of Calva Louise’s potential, already they are both near on singalong anthems in the live setting. It is in small venues and pubs in which the London based band are known for, their shows are upbeat, fun and all the more intriguing. Ultimately, 2018 is Calva Louise’s year. You HAVE to see this band live as soon as possible!


Brown Lion Zoo

2018 will push Brown Lion Zoo to the forefront of Nottingham’s music scene no doubt about it. Their debut EP release ‘Where’s My Sandwich’ is unusual in both name and initial superiority – it is a rarity to see a new band release something so good, so early in their career.

Formed at University, tracks such as “Get Up” sum up youthful lifestyle with breezy sound and impressive lyricism. “Desire” continues to achieve this, arguably the best track they’ve released to date. “While I’m At It” offers a far more reserved approach, it really wouldn’t sound out of place on larger festival stages.

It is in the live setting where Brown Lion Zoo come into a league of their own, both well rehearsed and intriguing to watch. 2018 promises more dates in Nottingham and beyond, we can’t wait to see where the year takes them!


Babe Punch

Babe Punch’s reputation is now growing nationally, last month they were part of The Cribs’ historic ‘Cribsmas’ celebrations. We’re massive fans of their official debut single release “Control,” think a mix of Sonic Youth and Blondie with an even greater DIY attitude.

Relentless local shows means that they can now headline large Nottingham venues in their own right, 2018 will truly be a breakthrough year for Babe Punch. Latest track “Stanford” slows down the pace considerably in comparison to “Control.” Heavy, erupting guitar chords dominate a track which displays impressive vocal ability.


The Varletts

Three-piece The Varletts have a clear DIY, garage rock ethos which is often evident in their music. With such raw, impressive musical ability it is obvious that their sound is somewhat of a rarity. Strong vocals mix with mind blowing, powerful guitar use – it is clear that The Varletts are onto something very special!

Most recent single “Spiral Staircase” is perhaps the best starting point for the new listener, it is memorable and heavenly in both recording a live performance. Watch out for the opening guitar riff, it will be iconic in years to come mark our words!

A Cribs-ey, Wytches like influence is obvious in “City Of Sin.” The mixing of atmospheric riff and fast paced backline creates The Varletts’ uniqueness, already they have a set list which is in more ways that one impressive. Now based in Leeds, 2018 will see them take yet another city by storm with more live outings, single releases and more ventures (including the running of one of our favourite Spotify playlists going!)



It appears that Sheafs are trapped on a metaphorical elevator which refuses to stop, their rapid rise over the past year or so even still shows no signs of slowing down. They are most impressive in the live setting forcing rooms into a joyful frenzy.

Latest single “This Is Not A Protest” is entirely relevant in a political and musical sense. Crashing guitar riffs, frantic vocals and otherworldly musical crafting create a song for the ages. Their touring commitments are second to none, famous shows at Sheffield’s Leadmill and London’s Nambucca prove their credentials.

Sheafs come out of a northern powerhouse of bands such as Avalanche Party, Cabbage, The Blinders and more. Second single “Mind Pollution” is infused with their own brand of modern punk. It is an explosion of youthful emotion which only makes them even more likeable to the listener. Their 2018 kicks off with a UK solo tour including venues such as London’s Nambucca and Nottingham’s Bodega – you’d be a fool to miss it!



Anteros’ sound is romanticised in the most beautiful of ways, it is no wonder that their name comes from the Greek mythological God of counter-love. Infections, anthemic chorus’ force the listener into a state of joyful dance. Recent single “Bonnie” is guitar-pop come disco anthem at its finest.

They mix different decades and influences to create a sound which is entirely individual, latest single “Love” does this best, no doubt one day it will grow into becoming a festival/arena sing along like no other.

The London based four piece already have an incredible back catalogue which is constantly evolving. From tracks like “Drunk” to “Breakfast,” an evolution in sound is obvious, they’re only gonna get better as the release of an all important debut album grows closer.



Starcrawler are fast rising, their powerful LA rock is entirely consistent, new and relevant. Their fun aura and massive tunes all come in strong preparation for the release of a self titled, debut album this January via Rough Trade Records. Lead singer Arrow de Wilde may still be in High School however, famous fans including Elton John prove that their musical career is only heading in one direction.

“Ants” first came to a forefront via Elton John’s Beats 1 Radio Show, it is upbeat, catchy and very much like the love child of Joey Ramone and Marc Bolan. “Let Her Be” is repetitive in the best of ways, fully engrained into the minds of listeners from first listen.

Mix this with hometown ode “I Love LA” and it becomes obvious that Starcrawler are a band worth watching out for. If their energy, image and work ethic is anything to go by, 2018 is already set to be a sensational year for the American band.


The Dunts

Glasgow based The Dunts have phenomenal talent. We were huge fans of these guys in 2017 and with more touring planned and releases in the pipeline it is obvious that the next 12 months will be HUGE for these guys.

Early singles “Astroboy” and “Birds And The Beez” have constantly been on repeat at Eudaemonia HQ over the past few months, their catchy choruses and fine guitar use mean that The Dunts’ sound is all the more likeable. However, it is “Coalition Of Chaos” which proved to be a real turning point for the band. The track is entirely relevant and mature in both sound and production, already it has elevated the band to another level with a tonne of critical acclaim following in its path.

Scotland is a hub of raw musical talent, think Vida and Shambolics for example. The Dunts have every right to follow in their footsteps and in fact go even further. We urge you to check out latest EP ‘Not Working Class,’ it is raw and impressive and acts as the perfect starting point for any new listener.


False Heads

Their energy is ferocious and exciting, with False Heads you never know what is gonna come next! Thats what makes them so special, many bands these days are far to regimented and predictable. With the support of Iggy Pop already behind them its already clear that they’re gonna go far in 2018!

We’ve already touted latest EP ‘Gutter Press’ as a masterpiece, 5 tracks which each remind the listener of their raw power. The trio mix heavy drum beats with strong use of guitar chords to create an exciting carnival of sound. This is best reflected in tracks such as “Twentynothing” and “Weigh In.”

However, they also have a unique ability to slow tracks down which in many ways only emphasises their explosive nature both live and on record. “Comfort Consumption” is a perfect example of this. With more releases expected in 2018 and a strong start to the year touring wise in support of ‘Retina,’ now is perhaps the best time to catch the East London formed band!


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