Interview: RedFaces

A corrupted hard drive left us thinking this interview was lost forever. Fortunately, a minor miracle occured over the Christmas period enabling us to FINALLY get our interview with RedFaces up. WHAT an amazing band they are, knowledgeably, nice and extremely talented. Here’s our chat with Isaac and Charlie from the band…

You formed in 2012 which now seems like absolutely ages away, can you briefly describe your journey from there to now?

Isaac: There wasn’t one specific turning point really, we did a gig at the Leadmill in Sheffield in our hometown in Sheffield. Our managers came and saw us there and saw something in us… possibly Harry’s face.

Charlie: There’s been points in our career where we’ve been pushed more, though every show is like a stepping stone.

Isaac: We recently played Community Festival at Finsbury Park in London which was a huge gig and got us a lot of exposure. A lot of people have started buying tickets to see us now, with this tour being the first one which is really selling out well.

This tour definitely feels like a step up in the world, some of the venues are quite a big deal…

Charlie: It’s gonna be good… Apart from half way through when you have a massive hangover and you’ve lost all your clothes and don’t really know where you are!

Isaac: Yeah it’s definitely a good feeling going around the whole of the UK playing our songs to people who want to hear them, it’s a bit different to festivals in that sense.

Charlie: People are also interested in the stuff they haven’t heard. We have a 45 minute set too with a lot of new songs and different vibes and lyrical themes.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Isaac: I don’t know!

Charlie: 09 Fifa Emo!

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

Charlie: The first musical inspiration I remember was Michael Jackson. I was completely drawn to the way he wrote and recorded his demos. He wrote it all with his voice and beatboxed into the recordings all of the top off his head! His melodies were gorgeous, lyrics were great so yeah i’d say he was the first inspiration for me.

It feels like RedFaces’ production qualities are quite high, would you agree?

Isaac: Yeah! Recently we got into an Australian band named Tame Impala who we appreciate for their production. The drums on that were very much like dance music, we wanted to try replicate that style.

Do you prefer being in the studio or playing live?

Isaac: I like them both really…

Charlie: We gel a lot more as a four piece in the studio but everything has its own different feeling.

Isaac: We’re really creative in the studio and experiment a lot with lyrics and melody, trying to make things not as straight forward as they seem.

Charlie: We have our own home studio to make demos so going from there to a real studio allows us to know what we need to do.

“The main aim is to make records which people can relate to and take inspiration from.”

We love latest single “Take It Or Leave It,” what can you tell us about it?

Isaac: I feel like it changed during its development, it was written very recently in about March this year just after our “Kerosene” tour.

We’d been listening non stop to Mark Ronson’s new album which has all these killer grooves on it so I wanted to do something like that. I wrote the riff and slowly it metamorphosed into the song it is now. The aim was to write an indie record with roots in different places.

Charlie: People seem to shy away from pop music, guitar bands especially. There’s nothing wrong with pulling inspiration from whats in the charts.

There’s definitely a lot of differentiation in your sound, would you agree?

Isaac: I was reading an article earlier about the term landfill indie. The vibe was that its alright to be generic… No its not! Don’t show people that you’re not creative. A lot of people want the lifestyle of being in a band, music isn’t really the priority for them but to us it is. Just be as creative as you can in a band really!

Charlie: You can be generic but be aware that that’s gonna get you scrutiny from other people. It’s a harder line to tread. Don’t live for the actual lifestyle.

Is there anywhere where you’re really excited to play on this tour?

Charlie: Newcastle, everyone there has a good personality. The accent is great too and cheap beer.

“it’s definitely a good feeling going around the whole of the UK playing our songs to people who want to hear them”

What can we expect from a RedFaces live set?

Isaac: Lots of nudity… We were gonna dress up as the ghostbusters too! A lot of people know us for being intense and energetic so the main thing we want to do is bring more depth to our sound.

There’s a song in the set which is slower, where the lyrics are more profound. We basically want this tour to establish us as musicians as well as a good live act.

What does the next 6 months have in store for RedFaces

Charlie: I think more single release in order to give our fans what they actually want!

Isaac: It’s impossible to say which the next single will be, we could write something in the meantime to blow whatever is planned into the water!

Where would you like the band to be in 5 years time?

Isaac: The main aim is to make records which people can relate to and take inspiration from.

Charlie: We wanna be playing to a lot more people at bigger places but still enjoy what we’re doing. As long as we’re still doing what we like at the end of the day!


Check out the video for “Take It Or Leave It” below:


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