Alex Tracey Releases Infectious New Single “Crazy”

Described as his most mature piece of work to date, it would be easy to argue that Alex Tracey’s latest release “Crazy” is also his most striking, infectious, upbeat release yet!

Opening with a vibrant, technological beat, you’d be forgiven for dancing about the office/living room/library/classroom (delete as applicable) for it is nothing short of infectious. Vocally, Tracey’s voice is strong and recognisable.

Chorus wise, “Crazy” mixes all the elements of 70s pop/rock with modern influences to create something quite special. Expect to hear this one throughout the summer in dance halls, clubs and more, it really is that good of a song!

Speaking on the track, Alex Tracey says:

““Crazy” is definitely the most ME record I’ve released so far. It really is just a showcase of what I’m all about as a musician, and what it is about music that I love. At heart, it’s really an exploration of  risk and freedom, conveyed through the context of a failing relationship. Why stick around with what you’ve got when there’s so much more out there?”

First coming to our ear-waves in 2016 with “Why Won’t She Leave Me Alone,” it is clear that Tracey has developed in terms of technical talent and musical ability whilst at the same time finding a genius, unique sound worthy of his incredible vocal talents. Track such as “Same Old Animals” and “Falling Morning” already form the back bone of an increasingly growing, strong catalogue of releases.

With the release of a new single and touring to match, it is clear that 2018 is going to be quite something for the West Yorkshire based musician. London’s Camden Assembly, Jimmy’s in Manchester and Leeds’ Hi-Fi Club are all destinations on his January 2018 ‘Crazy’ tour.

Even the video for “Crazy” is immensely enjoyable, check it our for yourself:

Check out Alex Tracey’s January Tour Dates Below:

Alex Tracey Tour Dates.png


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Images via Alex Tracey and Liam James Ward

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