Album Review: Starcrawler – ‘Starcrawler’

Name: ‘Starcrawler’

Artist: Starcrawler

Rating: ★★★★

From first listen, Starcrawler blew our minds. The are cool, new and refreshing and resurrect a style of LA rock n roll which hasn’t been seen for many a year. Their self titled, debut album is sensational, one of the best you’ll hear all year!

Supported by the likes of Elton John and Dave Grohl, it is no wonder that their debut album is something quite otherworldly. Already they have reached heights in which their contemporaries can never imagine, this is surely a result of their intriguing sound and lyricism only matched with one of the most intense, swaggering live presence the small venue has seem.

From first listen is is clear that Starcrawler come with an aim to shock, “Train” is frantic, dark and powerful. It’s mysterious use of guitar matched with emotionless, echoey vocals create all the more reason for intrigue. Lead singer Arrow de Wilde is an enigma, think Courtney Love, Blondie and Wonder Woman all rolled into one. A persona on her behalf develops throughout the album, transcending from her on-stage presence in the live setting.

“Love’s Gone Again” wouldn’t sound out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster, think car chases and beach parties all under one umbrella. In fact, the whole album takes the setting of LA, the band’s home. Don’t believe us? Just have a listen to the cult, confident anthem “I Love LA,” an ode to their home city. There is a level of beautiful, unrehearsed excitement in both sound and band alike. De Wilde leads a youthful, stylish group in which no member is above 22. It is for this reason that there is longevity to their debut release, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them grow into a much larger entity.

“Full Of Pride is the ultimate ‘FUCK YOU’ to an ex”

“Chicken Woman” heralds a sound which wouldn’t sound out of place amongst a Doors album, in-fact Jim Morrison would even be proud of the riotous frenzy in which their live sound creates. Starcrawler are as much fun and kooky as they are talented, “Pussy Towers” sounds like it has come from a porno directed by Wes Anderson, it is colourful and electrifying in the most memorable of ways.

Attitude is a given, LA is home to the most sideways of fame and it is clear that Starcrawler use this to their advantage. They may not have reached the peak of a long running career just yet, though their style seems to suggest otherwise. Glam punk has seen a resurrection, de Wilde is its modern poster girl. “Full Of Pride” is the ultimate ‘FUCK YOU’ to an ex, lyrically direct and painfully accurate… Going through a break up? Been betrayed by a long term friend? Then this one’s for you!

Recorded alongside Ryan Adams in January 2017 the album has been a long time in the making, clearly a certain amount of pressure has been released given its release. A recent string of live shows in the UK and Europe celebrated its release, something in which the band are notorious for. They are rock n roll at its finest, mosh pits and sing-alongs galore. We already can’t wait to see what the band have planned in the future…

You HAVE to check out this album, already its one of the year’s best releases!



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Cover art for ‘Starcrawler’ By Starcrawler. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the record label or the graphic artist(s). Source: wiki.

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