False Heads to Play Nottingham w/ Babe Punch and Brown Lion Zoo

Ever expanding, ‘In The Tune’ bring their unique bland of live music to Nottingham with the wonderful False Heads featuring on their Valentines night launch! Taking place at the Chameleon Arts Cafe on Feb 14th, this one is not to be missed!

Babe Punch and Brown Lion Zoo make up a line up which promises to excite, three bands who each have the potential to go all the way. Below we take a look at what each band has to offer…

Ticket link: https://www.seetickets.com/event/in-the-tune-w-false-heads-supports/the-chameleon/1196741

False Heads

False Heads are about to explode, their Nottingham date comes as part of a MASSIVE UK tour spanning the entire country. Venues such as Camden’s Dingwalls suggest their rapid growth in the past year or so. Songs such as “Twentynothing” and “Think Skin” bear all the hallmarks of anthemic rock tracks. Expect mosh pits galore as they race through a ferocious setlist which may as well become the soundtrack to the most incredible of nights outs.

Touring in support of soon to be single release “Retina,” the London based band have already amassed quite a following. Radio play from BBC Radio 1 and Radio X confirms their ever growing presence throughout the industry matched with a growing fanbase. Iggy Pop is even a fan: “ you thought I’d forgotten about Rock’n’roll. Here’s False Heads, Rock’n’roll and alternative guitar whacking and bashing music…. I liked it!”

The band have already supported the likes of Joshua Homme and The Libertines. Their intense, almost DIY like attitude is evident in tracks such as “Weigh In.” Expect something quite special from a False Heads live set, we can confirm that you wont be disappointed!


Babe Punch

A mixture of demos proclaimed the DIY nature of Babe Punch’s sound, and with 2017 seeing their first official releases it is clear that this year will be a turning point for the Nottingham based band.

Last month they were part of The Cribs’ historic ‘Cribsmas’ celebrations, in many ways they match the ethic and ruthlessness of the Wakefield band. We’re massive fans of their official debut single release “Control,” think a mix of Sonic Youth and Blondie with an even greater DIY attitude.

Babe Punch’s live show is once more sensational, tracks such as “Leave Me Alone” and “Stanford” suit small rooms like that at the Chameleon. Their blend of sound is the perfect way to spend a Valentine’s Day evening come February 14th.


Brown Lion Zoo

Like Babe Punch, Brown Lion Zoo made our 2018 watch-list for good reason, they really are onto something special! Already gaining strong reputation in Nottingham and beyond, it is clear that they have a sound worth listening to. Their debut EP release ‘Where’s My Sandwich’ is unusual in both name and initial superiority – it is a rarity to see a new band release something so good, so early in their career.

“Get Up” is impressive, it has a breezy sound and strong lyricism and could soundtrack any formative experience. Whilst on record they appear calmer, their live sound is in many ways heavy and atmospheric and takes them to an even larger dimension. “Electric Bed” is a wonderful example of this!

2018 promises dates in Nottingham, London and more! We can’t wait to see what the band have planned, get down early as their Chameleon Arts Cafe debut is one not to be missed!


Tickets are priced at £5 adv, link: https://www.seetickets.com/event/in-the-tune-w-false-heads-supports/the-chameleon/1196741

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/185536098867150/

Keep up with In The Tune on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inthetune/?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser


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