Lighthouse Kick Of 2018 With “Creep On My Mind”

Lighthouse’s musical credentials are ever growing, already they are amassing a reputation worth looking for across the capital. February’s release of “Creep On My Mind” is perhaps their best yet, incredibly well produced and entirely listenable.

The East London formed band have a ferocious sound which mixes energy with obvious guitar riffs, fine drum beats and even more impressive lyricism. “Creep On My Mind” bares resemblance to the mid 00s surge in guitar bands, directly influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Despite this, there is an aura of confidence about the band, all in all they are very much intriguing.

“Already they have taken cities such as London, Nottingham and Manchester by storm”

Verse and chorus integrates well to create a catchy track best suited to soundtracking the most spectacular of nights out. Lyrically it promotes youthful angst, a self centred lifestyle whereby ‘not giving a fuck’ is of upmost importance. Recorded at ‘soundlab studios’ in Loughton by Jack Longman, it is clear that the track takes the band back to their routes, professional production mixes well with a clear DIY ethos.

Lighthouse are known for their strong live ability, best suited to the smaller, darker venues. In fact, they already have an impressive setlist worth looking out for. Already they have taken cities such as London, Nottingham and Manchester by storm – their ‘Eudaemonia Live’ appearance at Nottingham’s Maze was incredible, drawing arguably the biggest crowd of the night.

“Creep On My Mind” follows the release of 2017’s double A side single “Brown Bottle Flu/Loaded.” Both tracks set the ball rolling, with the former most recognisable in the live setting. Echoing guitar chords and strong verses create a heavy, dramatic sound well worth watching out for.

Early 2018 sees their live return, with January already beholding an impressive outing at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage. Next they return once more to the glorious zone that is This Feeling, the country’s centripetal force for supporting new music, London’s Monarch really is the place to be on February 22nd.

March sees them return to Manchester following October’s impressive Night & Day stint. Here they are part of Oddity Promotions’ impressive outing featuring themselves and Sisteray – yet another London invasion of the North.

Lighthouse are still in their infancy however, their three debut tracks only prove that they have something unique! We can only assume that 2018 will be a year of rapid rise so take note, “Creep On My Mind” really is an impressive release!


Pre-Order “Creep On My Mind” below (Released Feb 02):…/creep-on-my-mind-sing…/1341111329


In the meantime, check out previous single “Brown Bottle Flu”:


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