Oddity Events Announces Manchester Launch

Manchester is a national force for live music, its scene ever growing from healthy competition between venues, bands and promoters alike. Oddity Promotions kick off their proceedings with a sensational mix of bands at Jimmy’s on March 19th.

The line up features London’s Sisteray and Lighthouse, two of the capital’s best new bands making their way north once more. Ash Palmer and Idle Hours also feature in an evening set to bring euphoric rock and roll resurgence back to Manchester!


Sisteray’s increasing northern presence is a sign of their likability, hard work and determination. However, it is their music which does the talking, recent EP release ’15 Minutes’ is second to none, a strong mix of politically charged tracks.

None more obvious than “Queen’s English,” a tune which we believe can fuel revolutions, spark disdain and all round uprising across the country. Released via Vallance Records, their ever growing back catalogue is an example of the London band’s DIY, punk ethos.

It is in the live setting where they come into a league of their own, in many ways one of THE most energetic bands around. “A Wise Man Said” and “Nostalgia Trip” are each lyrically strong and musically powerful. Famous for unique guitar riffs and exciting attitude, it is clear that their Manchester return will be special to say the least.



Lighthouse’s musical credentials are ever growing, already they are amassing a reputation worth looking for across the capital. February’s release of “Creep On My Mind” is perhaps their best yet, incredibly well produced and entirely listenable.

The East London formed band have a ferocious sound which mixes energy with obvious guitar riffs, fine drum beats and even more impressive lyricism. “Creep On My Mind” bares resemblance to the mid 00s surge in guitar bands, directly influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Despite this, there is an aura of confidence about the band, all in all they are very much intriguing.

They hit Manchester hard last time, trust us! You won’t wanna miss them this time.

Words taken from our review of latest single “Creep On My Mind”: https://eudaemoniablog.com/2018/02/01/lighthouse-kick-of-2018-with-creep-on-my-mind-2/


Support comes from Ash Palmer, singer/songwriter with clear Britpop influences and a unique energy worth looking out form. Idle Hours open the night, local uni band who blend a sound of britpop and surf-pop in melodic fashion. Look out for their debut single!

Entrance is free, though a £5 donation is asked!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1980162312230555/?active_tab=about


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