Sheafs Release “Shock Machine” Ahead Of UK Tour

2017 was nothing short of successful for Sheafs, single releases such as “This Is Not A Protest” took the scene by storm. Latest release “Shock Machine” displays all the elements of their ever growing, constantly impressive sound.

Opening with an excitingly obvious bass-line, “Shock Machine” is up there with Sheafs’ best – their consistency is unique. Riveting guitar use mixes well with lyricism to create an angry yet confident message. They call it an unapologetic stab at modern day routine, menacing, atmospheric yet strangely uplifting. If you want motivation, you better check out this track ASAP!



Sheafs’ live presence is second to none, their commitment to gigging and creating something quite spectacular in the small venue is relentless. January saw them take This Feeling’s Big In 2018 celebrations by storm, London’s Nambucca turned into one massively euphoric mosh pit. “Mind Pollution” is another of their early releases which never fails to amaze, whether it be live or in studio form.

The coming month sees them take their confident blend of sound on tour throughout the country. Already, Nottingham’s Bodega is a complete sell out and other dates are running equally as low. The tour spans numerous famous venues and cities including Manchester, London, Leeds and Liverpool alongside a special trip to Hamburg’s Molotow.


“Sheafs’ live presence is second to none, their commitment to gigging and creating something quite spectacular in the small venue is relentless”


“Shock Machine” matches the energy of previous single “This Is Not A Protest”. Both are singles which can only be played LOUD, effortless in both lyric and sound. Sheafs boast mass confidence and have every right to be content with their sound, it is already clear that they are destined to larger things!

“Shock Machine” all but confirms the beginning of a 2018 which can only be MASSIVE for the Sheffield formed band.


Sheafs UK Tour 2018.png


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Images via Sheafs

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