In The Tune Makes Sensational Nottingham Debut

Nottingham is a hotbed of musical talent and diversity and following its recent renovation, it is clear that a scene is forming around the amazing Chameleon Arts Cafe. In The Tune debuted in Nottingham to rapturous support, False Heads, Babe Punch and Brown Lion Zoo all helped to create an opening night worth taking notice of!

First up was Brown Lion Zoo, the uni formed four piece who are making waves across the local industry, 2018 is the year they’ll be heading to a city near you! Tracks such as “Electric Bed” and “Get Up” stand out, especially with the HUGE speaker system which takes up much of the Chameleon’s main room. “In The Dark” has the potential to be a festival soundtrack, already one can see it growing into much of a sing a long.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 15.41.38.png

It is the sound of Brown Lion Zoo which is most intriguing, they mix strong, modern influences with their own upbeat mix of lyricism and instrument use. Their debut EP release ‘Where’s My Sandwich’ featured heavily on the night, “While I’m At It” is yet another track which stands out in the live setting. It’s clear that things are only gonna get even better for Brown Lion Zoo, we’re sure that 2018 is their year!

Next up was Babe Punch, a band who have historically done well in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Their dedication to growing their live sound is second to none, this was obvious in opening track “Control,” arguably one of the most decisive songs of the evening, lively and raucous throughout.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 15.41.52.png

Tracks such as “Snake Tongue” and “Judy Moody” may yet to be released though make it clear that Babe Punch’s live credentials are second to none. They’re only going to get bigger, and with more touring in Nottingham and beyond planned for 2018, it is clear that Babe Punch are in the form of their lives!

And so it was on to False Heads, the East London band who returned to Nottingham for the third time following previous shows at the Southbank bar and the famous Maze in support of The Blinders. However, this time sees them as one of the most talked about upcoming bands in the country, the release of latest single “Retina” only helps to emphasise such excitement.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 15.41.26.png

Tracks such as “Twentynothing” echoed around the small Chameleon live room, their sound well suited to the towering sound system it withholds. The confidence of the band is second to none, instantly forcing the gathered crowed closer to the stage, everyone was mesmerised by the trio from the outset. The crowd was a conglomerate of valentine dates, arts students and all round music fans, the perfect mix for the East London band. In fact, those very people were in awe at the end of the night, many commenting on the superiority of the trio.

The intensity of their set only left the Nottingham crowd wanting more, short, sweet and to the point. We can’t wait for their Nottingham return, its only gonna get even bigger for False Heads in 2018!


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