Dead Natives Release “Keep This In Mind”

Dead Natives have been making a name for themselves throughout London over the previous few years, their reputation is ever-growing! “Keep This In Mind” is released at a time where their live outings are growing all the more numerous, in many ways it is one of their most impressive releases to date.

Opening with an instantly recognisable guitar riff reminiscent of the late 2000s, “Keep This In Mind” bears all the hallmarks of Dead Natives’ sound. Its chorus is powerful and explosive in both sound and lyricism, it fills the small venues effortlessly and wouldn’t sound out of place in larger arenas.


“Described as ‘Serious Business’ by BBC Introducing in The South”


Whilst it’s modern influences are apparent, the track similarly wouldn’t sound out of place in decades past. It bears all the confidence of 70s rock, the explosiveness of the 90s’ Britpop explosion and melody suited best to the 60s. All an all we can only assume the “Keep This In Mind” is an amalgamation of influences with a most perfect Dead Natives twist, this band are going places and their musical ability is constantly apparent.

Described as ‘Serious Business’ by BBC Introducing in The South, Dead Natives are formed of Liam Dutch, Robbie Ferguson, Adam Payne and Colin Marshall. It is their guitar based sound and confident attitude which allows them to create such a strong live reputation. 2018 sees them at an all time high, more releases and more live outings mean they are already growing a strong reputation throughout London and beyond.

It is their rock and roll attitude and upwards learning curve which sets them apart from the rest, already Dead Natives have a strong back catalogue of songs which only seem to keep getting better. “Dreaming Like You Do” is a significant example of this, beautifully contrasting guitar and drum beat creates a sense of impressively relevant optimism. “The Love I Have” is far more melodic, a slowed down pace gives emphasis to strong lyricism which wouldn’t sound out of place on the most popular of records. It is clear that Dead Natives want to create a relatable experience for the listening audience.



“Keep This In Mind” comes at a time where the band’s touring commitments are at an all time high. March sees them head across the UK with Of Empires including dates at London’s Surya and Gullivers, Manchester. 2018 has already seen them head to Paris, Brighton and numerous London dates. Clearly the band have high hopes for the new year, its hard not to notice their evident potential!

“Keep This In Mind” is perhaps Dead Natives’ best single release yet, both confident and musically impressive. We can’t wait to see what these boys get up to next!


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Image via Dead Natives

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